Todays updates - 30 August. Also: more Ironman mode info

Updated on 30 August 2015
> Fixed the +20% PkHonor Points and PC points when killing the WildyWyrm solo (the bonus only worked for clans so far, my bad)
> Thieving stalls now gives double coin rewards
> Lowering any combat stat with ::setlevel (or with ::resetdef) is now completely free of charge. This includes attack, defence, strength, ranged, magic and hitpoints.
> Players can now start a Pest Control game on their own (in the past you needed at least 3 participants)

Updated on 29 August 2015
> ...

Wilderness weekend, improved suggestions and a new trial dev

Fun fact: the title of this post is exactly the maximum allowed length for a topic title. Way to go, Mike!

On a more serious note, we have three announcements to make:

Wilderness weekend
Next weekend, starting from 29 August and ending on 2 September, there will be a wilderness weekend!
What does this mean?
> Higher artifact/emblem droprates and 50% chance on +2 emblem tiers instead of +1
> +50% PkHonor Points from player kills
> +20% droprates on all NPC's that reside within the wilderness
> +50% Sl...

Developers blog

Combat improvements released on testserver

Just now, I have released the latest version of my combat improvements on the test server. I've rewritten over a thousand lines of combat-related code, so there's a good chance some bugs may have slipped through. Most of it is still untested, so it will need to be thoroughly tested before we can apply this on the production server.

What should be improved/fixed:
> Your accuracy and max hit of melee, ranged and magic attacks is now calculated when you initiate an attack, so changing gear after y...

Improved following released on testserver

I've been working on the code responsible for following players (and NPC's) and I have just now released this on the testserver. I know this is one that you guys have been asking for a long time, but it's something that's very tricky to get right, so I want to make sure everything works fine by the time I release it on the production server.

Apart from improved following, I've also reworked the mechanics behind manual spellcasts: as of now, if you attack a player with melee, ranged or autocast...