Double Vote Points

::vote for double vote points!
2021-03-02 08:00 UTC (3d)

Pest Control

Double Pest Control Points
2021-03-03 12:00 UTC (12h)

Double combat XP

Double attack/strength/defence/hitpoints/ranged/magic XP
2021-03-05 08:00 UTC (3d)

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2021-03-06 03:00 UTC (3h)
2021-03-06 11:00 UTC (3h)
2021-03-06 19:00 UTC (3h)


+20% drops, double pet drops
2021-03-09 04:00 UTC (1h)
2021-03-09 12:00 UTC (1h)
2021-03-09 20:00 UTC (1h)

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OSRS item stats - always follow OSRS or not?

by Mike » Sat Feb 27, 2021 12:51 pm

This question isn't about any item in particular, but about our general approach when it comes to items that are found in both PkHonor and in OSRS (so we're not talking about items like custom whips, completionist capes, virtus, pernix, torva etc.). Should we (as a general rule) always use OSRS item stats, or should we not be afraid to adopt our own item stats if we feel they are better suited for our game?

I feel this question is also important in light of the upcoming equipment rebalancing that will be introduced in OSRS shortly. For example, the toxic blowpipe will (most likely) receive a significant nerf in terms of accuracy and ranged strength. Controversial as those changes are, Jagex feels they are needed in order to address the issue of the toxic blowpipe being the highest DPS weapon in a lot of situations, far outclassing most other items, which they had not intended to be the case when they first introduced the blowpipe.

Basically, if Jagex rebalances their equipment, should we do the same? Should we stick with the old stats that our players feel comfortable with? Or should we decide case by case and always poll a change with our community before making any decisions?

Developers Blog

Max and completionist cape stats and requirements

by Mike » Thu Feb 25, 2021 5:52 pm

This is a point that has been discussed more than once in the past, but with the introduction of new endgame content (I'm obviously talking about the Inferno), it's important that we settle on something that the community feels comfortable with.

First of all, let's get one thing out of the way: the stats for the max cape and completionist cape as we currently have them in PkHonor were (mostly) based off the stats in RuneScape as they were at that time. However, pre-eoc RuneScape has had a lot of issues with power creep with newly introduced items being far too strong.

In OSRS, the infernal cape is the strongest cape in the game. However, aside from the strength bonus, the max cape as we have it in PkHonor is already better in every way than the infernal cape. The completionist cape even more so.

Which begs the question: should we nerf our max cape to have the same stats in OSRS? And should we subsequently also nerf our completionist cape stats so that it is still the best in slot in every way, but does not provide the kind of bonuses as it does now?

Another question that is being put forward is whether really hard to beat minigames, such as the inferno and Theatre of Blood (and Chambers of Xeric when released), should be a requirement for the completionist cape. There has been a suggestion to make this a requirement for enchanted completionist capes, but not for regular comp capes. Certainly something to consider.

Cast your votes and let your voices be heard! Future polls may be set up about this to further work out specific aspects of these capes. Also keep in mind that poll results are mostly meant to get a rough idea of how the community feels about specific issues. Proper reasoning is at least as important and in the end it's up to us to decide what we feel is best for the server. Still, we value the opinion of our community very highly.


25 February Updates: The Inferno, added privacy, dual CC improvements

by Mike » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:50 am

Image The Inferno Image


The Inferno is a safe, solo minigame. This means you have to play it on your own, but you will not lose any items on death. Hardcore Ironman will not lose their status if they die here.
If you manage to beat it, you will receive 5,000 tokkul and an infernal cape, one of the best capes in the game. The max cape has slightly higher overall stats, but the infernal cape offers +10 strength bonus instead of +8.
Each time you beat the inferno, you also have a 1/100 chance to receive a Jal-nib-rek pet, which can be transformed into a TzRek-Zuk pet.

Beating the Inferno at least once will become a mandatory requirement to wear the completionist cape in the future. However, there is a 4 week grace period in which players still have the ability to wear the completionist cape without having beaten the Inferno. You will not be able to wear a completionist cape inside the inferno until you have beaten it at least once.

As you may have guessed, the minigame works the same way as in OSRS. If you want to know how to beat it, we advise looking up strategy guides on the OSRS wiki or on YouTube.

Premium members can pay 6,000 Tokkul to start the Inferno from wave 40. If you have a (lucky) Jal-nib-rek or TzRek-Zuk pet, you can pay 5,000 Tokkul to start the Inferno from wave 50, regardless of donator rank.

We have not yet added TzKal-Zuk as a slayer task (which will become unlocked once you have beaten it at least once), this is planned for a future update. An official discussion topic about this slayer task will follow soon.

Player privacy

In order to improve the privacy of our players, we have added some additional restrictions to a number of commands.

As such, the following commands can no longer be used, except by admins:
  • ::checkbhs
  • ::checkcredits
  • ::checkpcs
  • ::checkpoints
  • ::checkratio
  • ::checkslayerpoints
  • ::checkstreak
  • ::checkvotes
The following commands can now only be used if the other player has their private chat on public or on friends and have you in their friends list:
  • ::private
  • ::checktimeplayed
As there has been quite some abuse by honor players to check if someone is gearing up to enter the wilderness, we have imposed additional restrictions to the following commands, which can no longer be executed on players in the wilderness or in the mage bank or on players who performed any actions in their bank in the past 30 seconds while in Edgeville:
  • ::xteleto
  • ::copy
  • ::showinv
  • ::copyinv
  • ::showbank
  • ::copybank
If needed, we can further adjust these restrictions (in either direction) based on player feedback.

Other updates

  • Pathfinding toward larger NPC's has been improved when using ranged or magic. If a large NPC is able to attack you, you will now also be able to attack it without being moved in melee distance when using ranged or magic.
  • The gates at Pest Control have been fixed.
  • Several pet restrictions have been removed, so you can now bring you pet to any minigame.
  • You can now trade your excess ikkle hydra pets in return for a chance to receive one of the following items:
    • 100 dragon thrownaxes
    • 100 dragon knives
    • Alchemical hydra heads
    • Hydra leather
    • Hydra's claw
  • Any bugs with dual clan channels (should) have been fixed.
  • Helpers and staff will now always be inside the help clan channel, they can no longer leave it.
  • It is now easier for regular players to join or leave the help clan channel while also being in another clan channel.
  • The skilling center has been added as a teleport option in the Skilling teleports.
  • New players will now be presented with the skilling teleport interface whenever they leave the starter tent.

If there are any bugs with one of the updates mentioned above, or if any tweaks are necessary, please let us know!

Developers Blog

Completionist cape on Inferno release: instant removal or grace period?

by Mike » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:15 am

With some luck, I may be able to release the Inferno today, but there are some smaller improvements I want to include, so I may have to postpone the release until tomorrow.

Either way, I was considering to introduce a 4 week "grace period" during which players can still equip their completionist cape even if they had not yet beaten the Inferno. After 4 weeks , your completionist cape would be automatically unequipped until you beat the Inferno at least once.

However, there have been suggestions to unequip everyone's completionist cape right on release, so that nobody can bring a completionist cape to the minigame.

I'll leave the choice up to the community. Cast your votes!

[Edit] I have added an extra poll option where players would still be allowed to wear them for 4 weeks, but not inside the inferno.

Developers Blog

Inferno progress thread

by Mike » Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:36 pm

Although the biggest portions of this new minigame have already been finished, I thought it would be best to post a progress thread so at least the community can follow up on this, so here goes.

To do
In progress

Inferno to-do list
  • 69 waves with appropriate NPC spawns
  • Rocky supports to hide behind
  • Jal-Nib that eat away at the rocky supports
  • Jal-MejRah (+ prayer/stat drain)
  • Jal-ak (+ Jal-AkRek-Xil, Jal-AkRek-Mej and Jal-AkRek-Ket)
  • Jal-ImKot (+ teleport)
  • Jal-Xil
  • Jal-Zek (+ ability to revive others)
  • JalTok-Jad
  • Yt-HurKot
  • TzKal-Zuk with ancestral glyph and other abilities
  • Jal-MejJak
  • Infernal cape reward (+ infernal max cape)
  • Jal-nib-rek pet with ability to morph into Tzrek-Zuk
  • Shorter version for premium members (against payment)
  • Final tests and preparations for release