2 April Updates - bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where picking up a hidden Easter egg through telegrab would stop the event
  • Removed the Easter egg at Burg de Rott which was inaccessible to normal players
  • Added dozens of new Easter egg hide spots
  • Your account now needs to have at least 1 hour time played and you must be logged in for at least 5 minutes before you can pick up a hidden Easter egg, to prevent players from creating dummy accounts and putting them at known hidden egg locations in order to try to cheat the minigame
  • Fi...

31 March Updates - Easter event

It's that time of year again where we treat our players to yet another holiday event, brought to you by our newest trial developer Jeremy (also known as The Builder), with the help of Andres!

Sir Amik Varze in Falador castle could use some help to obtain (and hide) Easter eggs for the children. Will you help him out?
Along with this small event quest, there is also a hide and seek minigame. Every half hour, the Easter bunny will hide an egg around the world and it's up to you to find it! The first person to find the egg will get to keep it - it's the same Easter egg that can be obtained through the advanced mystery box, so although they aren't really used for anything, they are a nice collectible item of which there aren't many ingame.
The bunny itself can be found in Edgeville and will give you an arrow clue scroll you can use to find the egg once it's been hidden. You can also talk to the bunny in order to disable yell notifications for the egg minigame.

The Easter event will end in:

Just one more minor addition in this update: the calculation of slayer XP has been reverted to what it was before the 28 February update.
Other than that, I haven't been working on PkHonor as much as I would have liked to these past two weeks (and I have been on a 4 day vacation this week, which didn't help either). Still working on those wilderness achievements though.

Also don't forget about out ongoing Venenatis event, with 20% bonus drops and double pet droprates, ending in:

Developers blog

Final wilderness achievement diary list

After a lot of consideration, I have come up with a final achievement list for our wilderness achievements. Unless there are major objections from our community - or great suggestions for new PvP tasks - this list will no longer change at this point.

The PvM/skilling achievements have remained unchanged. A few PvP tasks have been added, several PvP tasks have been lowered and 3 have been removed (these 3 are: 200 damage in 10 seconds, full kills without taking damage and 2000 DFS special damag...

Current wilderness achievement diary tasks

After a lot of deliberation and weighing of options, I have come up with a new complete list of wilderness achievements and rewards. Consider this topic the final feedback round (I hope) before we can settle on the final list. If you think I forgot to include a certain wilderness activity in my list, do let me know. Suggestions for extra challenges are also still welcome.

Ironman mode players vs regular players
There are 2 sets of tasks: a set of PvM/skilling tasks and a set of PvP tasks. Regul...