Bounty Hunter

More artifact/emblem drops, 50% chance of +2 emblem tiers
2022-10-07 08:00 UTC (3d)

Double XP

Double XP on all activities
2022-10-07 08:00 UTC (3d)

Chaos elemental

+20% drops, double pet drops
2022-10-12 03:00 UTC (3h)
2022-10-12 11:00 UTC (3h)
2022-10-12 19:00 UTC (3h)


Extra points, extra combat/slay xp in wild and bh
2022-10-14 08:00 UTC (3d)

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2022-10-15 03:00 UTC (3h)
2022-10-15 11:00 UTC (3h)
2022-10-15 19:00 UTC (3h)

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Developers Blog

Beta Server for Upcoming Changes

by Raj » Wed Sep 28, 2022 10:52 pm

Hello everyone,

We're looking to improve our testing process and reduce bugfixes following updates. OSRS seems to do well with this with their 'Beta Worlds', and so when possible, we're going to be looking to do betas going forward.

This update includes fewer gameplay changes and content additions, and is more focused around QoL and bugfixes. That said, there have been some major changes made. The changelog is as follows:
Spoiler: show
QoL Changes:
  • Nex item degradation has been converted to a charge system. Items in inventories and banks are automatically converted, with Ancient Repair kits being returned based on the old degradation state. Collection logs will be updated the first time you open your collection log following the update. Nex will now drop uncharged armor, rather than fully charged as it was before. On death, if your Nex item is lost, all charges will be removed and it'll be dropped on the ground. No repair kits will be dropped.
  • The Nex altar has been replaced with a different model, and a right-click "teleport" option has been added which will bring you out of the room and back to the door.
  • Blocked Slayer tasks are now Slayer master specific, you no longer have to remove your entire block list, then pick new blocks when switching between Slayer masters.
  • Pathing for stacked entities has been improved. The bug from this thread will no longer occur (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=83055).
  • Several bank booths have been implemented, Lumbridge basement has been added with a chest spawn.
  • Quantity of Nature runes in ::shops has increased from 100 to 1000.
  • Killcount required for the different CoX capes now includes both regular CoX and Challenge Mode CoX.
  • Barrows equipment can now be repaired as noted items.
  • When shearing sheep with a full inventory, wool is now dropped on the ground.
  • The message indicating wave 30 is the last wave for Endless mode in Zombies minigame has been removed to avoid confusion.
  • A Server-wide message was added whenever a player completes a tab or the entire Collection Log .
  • Musketeer hat, Fishbowl and net and Black pickaxe have been added to the Collection Log.
  • Armadyl's Grapple has been added to the Commander Zilyana collection log.
  • Olmlet (and metamorphosed variants) can now be traded in at the Pet Trader, reward is rolled in the same way a unique is rolled in Chambers of Xeric.
  • Clan and proximity drop broadcasts will now use the average price range value, rather than the low value.
  • You may now enter the Cerberus lair without a task, in the event of an untimely death. Attacking Cerberus off task will still not work.
  • When in both the PkHonor clan and another clan, messages in the help clan will be displayed in a slightly darker shade.
  • Watson has a new dialogue option which allows you to check which clue scrolls you need to exchange, without activating the actual exchange.
  • Presets can now contain empty coal bags.
  • Edible seaweed now has a destroy option.

  • Visual bug on Mystic Dusk Top and Elder chaos hood were fixed.
  • Metamorphosed Olmlet will no longer disappear when banked.
  • Visual glitch caused others to not see the Ice Demon\Shamans range\special attack, this has been fixed.
  • Sleepwalkers will path through players which it would collide on previously.
  • Leather item crafting level requirements are now properly implemented.
  • Noted inquisitor hauberk\plateskirt can now be alched\traded.
  • Tormented Demons, Ice Strykewyrms and Barrelchest teleports from Teleport interface will now bring you to an instance as an iron, instead of group you with regular players.
  • Vespula drops should now always be global, for both irons and regulars, not depending on who did most damage. This should also fix the issue where ironman could not see Vespula drops (even in a solo).
  • Vasa Nistirio could be attacked in rocks form by using magic spells, Glowing crystal seemed to be aggressive to players when it could reach the player, additionally Glowing crystal objects would not be spawned properly when a new part of the map loaded (i.e. would indicate it is not a focused crystal when it was). All aforementioned should be fixed.
  • Teleport to house would require 2 law runes and 6 air runes in combat, it now correctly uses 1 law rune and 3 air runes.
  • Certain items would not give proper Godwars dungeon protection, this should be fixed.
  • Jade bolts no longer miss their respective ranged strength.
  • (Corrupt) Statius's warhammer attack speed has been lowered from 6 ticks to 5 ticks.
  • (noted) Dragonbone necklace is now alchable.
  • Imbued god capes, tanzanite/magma helm (uncharged), ferocious gloves, and the Neitiznot faceguard can now be noted.
  • Elite clue scrolls would be awarded on a PvP kill even if the killer already had an Elite clue scroll in the bank, this no longer happens.
  • Sotetseg's ranged level was incorrect, it now has the correct level 250.
  • Fixes a bug causing certain death piles not to show up on death.
  • Healers in the Inferno will properly spawn when completing multiple runs without logging out.
  • Storing godsword hilts in looting bags has been fixed.
  • UIMs will have pets sent to their refund boxes rather than their banks.
  • Players using the Teleport Crystal for the Bounty Hunter minigame will no longer be able to teleport to the risk fight area.
  • The seed dibber's animation has been fixed.
  • Noted lucky pets will now go to the refund box on death.
  • Fixes a bug when creating Bronze Bolts (p+) and Bronze Bolts (p++) with weapon poisons.
  • The Slayer Helmet effect will now be active against the Sire's Respiratory Systems on a slayer task.
  • All warhammers have had their wielding requirements changed from attack to strength, to be in line with OSRS.
  • Chaos Fanatic can no longer be assigned as a duo slayer task.
  • All dialogue containing the phrase "PkHonor Exchange shop" has been replaced with "PkHonor Points shop".
  • The Vesta's spear special attack has been fixed.
  • The ::layout command has had a 3 minute cooldown implemented when being used in the help clan.

Click here to download the test client
Note: Unlike previous bughunters/beta servers, we have copied everyone's accounts over to the test server a few days ago (your progression on the test server has no effect on your production account).
All accounts on test servers have elevated permissions. Feel free to spawn and use items like the 'perfect' necklace and blade of destruction and go explore the game :)

If you have suggestions or bug reports related to the changes, please post them on this thread.
If you don't have a forums account, you can do ::discord in-game and do @Raj and @Nazuths to report a glitch.

We appreciate everyone who helps with this. It will massively help streamline the development and release processes.
Thank you all for your help!

Developers Blog

ToB Personal Best Reset Poll

by Raj » Wed Sep 21, 2022 7:12 pm

So I've found out there were some BoD times which are literally impossible to beat, some people feel old PB times are unbeatable due to the machine gun BP being removed, so I'm wondering what solution we'd like to see. Please vote on the poll, thanks.


21 September Updates: Boss and minigame timers

by Raj » Wed Sep 21, 2022 4:47 pm

Image Boss and Minigame Timers Image

In today's update: the Kill Count Book will now track boss and minigame completion times! You can view the new section using a button which you'll find at the bottom of your Kill Count book!


For a time to register, there's a requirement that the player completing the kill does 95% or more of the damage to the NPC. There are exceptions for CoX, ToB, and the Nightmare. In those places, the entire team will have a shared time registered. This may be reworked, but for now it seems like the best way to ensure the highscores are as fair and competitive as possible.

You can toggle time notifications for individual bosses in the same way as in the killcount section; by clicking the entry for the boss and choosing whether you'd like to show or hide notifications. You can also sort by time completed or alphabetically using the settings button at the top right of the book.

What about my old completion times?
To add your personal best for the Chambers of Xeric, simply open up the scoreboard near the CoX entry and it will be added to your kill count book. For other bosses and minigames which were previously timed, there will be no preloaded times.


Corporeal Beast - Community PvM event

by Iron adam » Sun Sep 18, 2022 3:27 am


Welcome back to the latest community bossing event. This week, we will lunging our spears into the heart of the Corporeal Beast. The Corporeal Beast can be reached by entering the cave at the Premium Island teleport or by using the ::event command.

This event features 3 major perks:
  • +20% drop rates
  • Double Pet drop rate
  • Free Access to the Lair for All
If you are unfamiliar with community events or how they work, please refer to our Zamorak GWD event announcement post.

Starts in:

Ends in:

Community goal: 18,000 kills

Personal goal: 50,000 damage

Rewards for completing the personal goal (only if the community goal is reached)

For regular accounts:
Spoiler: show
  • 1 Bracelet of ethereum (uncharged)
  • 2,500 Revenant ether
  • 5,000 Dragon bolts (unf)
For ironman accounts:
Spoiler: show
  • 1 Bracelet of ethereum (uncharged)
  • 2,500 Revenant ether
  • 5,000 Dragon bolts (unf)

Top 10 competition for regular accounts

The top 10 regular accounts who have dealt the most damage will earn an additional reward.
Spoiler: show
  1. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Crushed superior dragon bones, 1,000 Dagannoth bones, 10,000 Lava scale shard, 10,000 Dragonstone bolt tips
  2. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 1,000 Crushed superior dragon bones, 1,000 Dagannoth bones, 9,000 Lava scale shard, 9,000 Dragonstone bolt tips
  3. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 1,000 Crushed superior dragon bones, 1,000 Dagannoth bones, 8,000 Lava scale shard, 8,000 Dragonstone bolt tips
  4. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 1,000 Crushed superior dragon bones, 1,000 Dagannoth bones, 7,000 Lava scale shard, 7,000 Dragonstone bolt tips
  5. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 1,000 Crushed superior dragon bones, 1,000 Dagannoth bones, 6,000 Lava scale shard, 6,000 Dragonstone bolt tips
  6. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 2,000 Runite bar
  7. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 2,000 Runite bar
  8. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 2,000 Runite bar
  9. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 2,000 Runite bar
  10. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 2,000 Runite bar

Top 10 competition for ironman accounts

The top 10 ironman accounts who have dealt the most damage will earn an additional reward.
Spoiler: show
  1. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  2. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  3. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  4. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  5. 1 Ring imbue scroll, 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  6. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  7. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  8. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  9. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar
  10. 2,000 Dagannoth bones, 5,000 Dragonstone bolt tips, 500 Runite bar

Developers Blog

Tombs of Amascut discussion thread

by Mike » Fri Sep 16, 2022 2:17 pm

With the recent release of the Tombs of Amascut (also known as Raids 3) in OSRS, we are aiming to add this new piece of content into PkHonor very soon. Thankfully, the raid setup looks a lot more like Theatre of Blood than Chambers of Xeric (no randomly generated room layouts, no storage systems or skilling rooms, ...), which means the amount of development time needed to add the new raid will be much closer to how long it took us to add Theatre of Blood than it took us to add the Chambers of Xeric. So that's good news already!

However, there are a few important points of discussion, which we need to settle on before we get started on the actual development. I have been reading up on the OSRS wiki and watching video guides in order to educate myself on the mechanics of this minigame. Based on this information, I have distilled three questions that I believe need to be answered, each of which will have an impact on development time:
  • Should there be entry requirements for the Tombs of Amascut? In OSRS, you need to complete a quest (Beneath Cursed Sands), which has a couple of minimum skill requirements, along with having to solve some puzzles and beating two bosses.
  • Should we only add the bosses themselves, or also the puzzle rooms before each boss fight?
  • Should we add the invocation system on release, or is this something we can add later?
For those who don't know what invocations are: this system allows players to customise several aspects of the raids, choosing to enable a large number of raid-wide and/or boss-specific mechanics that make the raid more challenging, while increasing the rewards you get at the end. This system allows a much wider range of players to access this content, anywhere from casual players looking for less of a challenge (no invocations), to people who want to challenge themselves by enabling as many invocations as possible to make the raid a huge challenge. It's important to balance the rewards accordingly, as there has been some frustration from OSRS players who believe that the added rewards aren't worth the difficulty or absolute pain that some of the invocations bring, so we may have to make some of our own choices to do even better than OSRS in this regard.

Invocations shouldn't be too much hassle to add, but this is something we can easily add after the initial release (similar to how we added challenge mode to the Chambers of Xeric a short while after the initial release). Adding our own custom quest as requirement to enter will obviously take some time to add, but if we choose not to add this, we can't really add one later either.
As for puzzle rooms, this will also take some time to implement (some rooms will take longer than others), but if we choose to add them later, we will have to rebalance the rewards and reset the fastest completion times when the puzzle rooms are added (if we choose to add fastest completion times on release).

If you have any input or suggestions about this new content, please let us know. The more input, the better. Once there is some consensus among our community on how to approach this new major piece of content, we can get started with the actual implementation.