Cache update bughunter contest

I finally managed to wrap up the update of our cache so we have every single item, NPC, map and world object that OSRS added in the past two and a half years. As it is, the new cache is no more than 4 days outdated compared to the actual OSRS cache. This will allow us to add a whole lot of cool new content that people would certainly like to see in PkHonor!

This cache update has brought a lot of changes in NPC ID's and obect ID's, as well as some parts of the world map since the last time we did this kind of major cache update. Therefore, we are organizing a bughunter contest on our testserver to ensure there will be no bugs when we release the new cache on the live server.

To participate, simply download our portable testclient and test as many of our current features as possible to see if anything has stopped working because of the new cache. If you find any bugs (that are otherwise not a bug on the live server), please report it as a reply on this topic. Make sure to include your game username in one of your bug reports so I know where to add the credits at the end of the contest. The most important things to look for are objects (PoH furniture, rocks, trees, banks, just to name some), NPC's (wrong spawns, wrong drops, ...) and noclipping checks that might have broken.
Please note that this new cache brings no actual changes to the game yet. It's simply a necessary preparation so that we can start adding the raids, skilling pets and all the other amazing new content that you have all been wanting to have in PkHonor.

A couple of things to test (so you have an idea what to look for):

Spoiler: show
  • Pest Control
  • Castle Wars
  • Duel Arena (+ forfeiting)
  • Zombie minigame
  • Fight caves
  • Barrows & risky barrows
  • Agility shortcuts
  • All skills
  • All bosses (killing each one just once should be enough)
  • All shops

Some useful commands on the testserver:
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::item <itemid> <amount> (spawn items with id itemid). Check our items list to get the ID's of items, or use the ::item command with (part of) an item name as argument to find ID's. For example '::item cannon' will list all items with their ID that have 'cannon' in the name
Note that the items from OSRS that we don't have available on PkHonor yet (such as the twisted bow) don't work properly yet. So no need to report bugs related to items that can only be obtained by spawning.
::adminset (spawn really strong items)
::master (get level 99 in all skills)
::noob (set all skills to 1)
::tele <x> <y> (teleport to x y)
::xplus <x> (move x squares east)
::xmin <x> (move x squares west)
::yplus <y> (move y squares north)
::ymin <y> (move y squares south)
::spec (restore spec bar)
::food (spawn rocktails)
::pkpoints (give yourself 500 pkpoints)
::slaypoints (give yourself 500 slayer points)
::ancient (switch to the ancient spellbook)
::lunar (switch to the lunar spellbook)
::normal (switch to the regular spellbook)
::prayer (switch between regular prayerbook & ancient curses)
::pray (regain full prayer points)
::bank (bank anywhere)
::xrich (spawn max coin stack)
::strset (spawn some melee items)
::rangeset (spawn some ranger items)
::ach (to complete or reset all achievements)
::q1, ::q2 and ::q3 (to complete or reset the quests Pest Invasion, The Last Journey and Correcting History)

The contest will be ongoing until 22 April 2019, unless new bugs are still being reported close to the deadline, in which case we may extend it.
Bughunter contest over in:

Bughunter contest rules & guidelines
  • Whenever you encounter an in-game bug, make a post about it as a reply to this thread. Please try to be as specific as possible so we can reproduce the bug
  • Make sure you include your in-game username in one of your bug reports, so I know where to add the credits (if you never state your in-game name in any reports, you will be excluded from the contest)
  • The first person to report a bug gets the points for it
  • Known bugs or bugs that are also present in the live production server do not result in any points
  • Please report one bug per post to prevent people from cheating by editing their old posts. This means double posting in this thread is allowed.
  • When two or more people work together to find a bug (or someone finds a bug and asks another to report it), they all get the full amount of points for it
  • You get points based on the severity of the bug:
    - 1 point for minor bugs, visual glitches & unintended pvm safespots
    - 2 points for relatively minor bugs, things that don't work or wrong ID's (for example an NPC having the wrong ID or being spawned in the wrong place)
    - 3 points for general bugs
    - 4 points for major bugs
    - 5 points for game-breaking bugs
    - 10 points for dupes or massive exploits

The rewards are as follows:
Spoiler: show
#1 - 10000 credits
#2 - 5000 credits
#3 - 3000 credits

#4 - 2000 credits
#5 - 1750 credits
#6 - 1500 credits
#7 - 1250 credits
#8 - 1000 credits
#9 - 750 credits
#10 - 500 credits

Happy hunting!

Current bughunter report:
Spoiler: show
Dj church - 11 points:
- Crowns are not displayed correctly in chat - 2
- Bugged godsword animations - 3
- Can use levers from a distance, but bugged when using from other side of a wall - 3
- Banker in mage bank is inside a pillar - 2
- Lava dragon bones don't look correct - 1

Skiller (unknown game username) - 5 points
- You cannot walk properly around the fishing pond at the skilling center - 2
- Knights of Ardounge do not have a proper stand animation - 1
- The double doors at Castle Wars don't open -2

Whiprealgood (unknown game username) - 3 points
- Cannot walk around the donator slayer cave - 3

Xanzibarian (unknown game username) - 2 points
- Tree stumps look glitched - 2

Young kermit (unknown game username) - 2 points
- You cannot walk properly around the fishing pond at the skilling center - 2

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The Lizardman Shamans can be found in the Lizardman Canyon, accessible through the Monsters teleport in your spellbook.

Just like OSRS, the Lizardman Shamans drop the Dragon warhammer. This weapon's special attack lowers your opponen...

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