6 July updates

  • Whenever you drop a Trident of The Seas, Trident of The Swamp, Toxic Blowpipe, Serpentine Helm, Tanzanite Helm or Magma Helm on death, the item will be converted to the uncharged version and drop for the killer, along with any Zulrah's scales it was charged with (as well as any runes in a Trident and Darts in a Blowpipe)
  • The Saradomin & Zamorak portals have been removed from Castle Wars, so now you can only join through the Guthix portal, meaning everyone will randomly get a team assigned. Once your account (or your IP address or other computer identifier) has been assigned to a team, you can not swap to the other team until the start of the next game
  • Getting hit by an NPC while wearing a Serpentine/Magma/Tanzanite helm now has a chance to envenom the NPC (unless, of course, they are immune to venom)
  • Implings at Puro-Puro will no longer fly over the wheat, making them much easier to catch
  • Bind, Snare & Entangle spells now work properly against NPC's. Keep in mind that any Bind, Snare, Entangle or Freeze spells do not work on larger NPC's in PkHonor. I must admit I'm not 100% sure if it should be like this or not, so I welcome input and feedback on this
  • You can now cast Bind, Snare & Entangle on Implings & Butterflies to hold them in place. Normally, Snare can deal up to 2 damage and Entangle up to 5 damage, but when used against implings or butterflies, they will always deal 0 damage. The NPC's will not turn aggressive when bound, meaning this is a safe mechanic for skillers
  • Honor players can now transfer their status to another account themselves - all they need to do is talk to the Donator Shop Salesman in Varrock and enter the name of the player they want to give the status to. The honor will then be banned and the status (item) will be put in the other player's refund box, where it can be claimed for 5B
  • Fixed Venenatis performing melee attacks from a distance
  • The ancient altar at Nex has been slightly moved (and an extra obstacle placed) to fix a safespot bug and prevent players from being able to hide from the 4 mages
  • Nex is now immune to venom
  • Fixed the Bandos Kiteshield effect not always working against Nex - to clarify, as a part of the Correcting History quest, you are tasked to obtain a Bandos Kiteshield from Nex. This shield has a passive effect against Nex, reducing her damage to you by 20% as well as having a 1/4 chance to completely negate all damage and deflect 25% of the original damage back onto her. The bug was that the damage reduction would only work when she was not under a protective spell from any of her mages. This has now been fixed
  • You are now protected from NPC attacks for 8 seconds after logging in (instead of 12 seconds)
  • The Castle Wars doors are now immune to both poison & venom (oops)
  • The flowers near the Black Warlocks in the skilling center have been removed so the butterflies are easier to catch
  • Fixed the animation when cutting gems (now it really does show the correct animation)
  • Fixed your character doing an infinite animation loop when cutting gems
  • Fixed the bone dagger special attack not working against NPC's

And of course, don't forget our double pet drops for the whole weekend! Starting in:

Ends in:

Look forward to more updates soon! I know my forums activity has been very low lately and several suggestion topics still require my input or approval, but we're getting there.

14 June updates - Castle Wars and more!

    Castle Wars updates & bugfixes
  • The amount of tickets you get after a Castle Wars game (win or lose) has been increased
  • The amount of tickets & charges you receive for contributing to a CW game has been significantly increased (especially for capturing a flag)
  • Your hybrid armour now also charges at the end of each game, depending on how many tickets you received (therefore, winning a game means more charges)
  • Wearing a Perfect Ring now gives 10% extra Castle Wars tickets during a game (so not just bonus 10% to the ones you get afterwards). Note that a perfect ring does not influence hybrid armour charging
  • You no longer receive CW tickets or Hybrid Armour charges just for being in combat in Castle Wars, nor for destroying the big doors (mostly to prevent players from boosting by splashing or having a friend on the enemy team repair doors while you damage them). You now only get tickets or hybrid armour charges after the game or through dealing damage to enemies (by normal combat or the Catapult), unlocking the side door with thieving or scoring a point by capturing the flag
  • Catapult damage is now random rather than a fixed amount, but the damage remains the same on average (and will still deal more damage closer to the centre of the hit)
  • You can no longer use explosive potions on barricades that are on fire (that way it's just like OSRS)
  • Buckets of water are now spawned at the ground floor of both castles, which can be used to extinguish burning barricades or catapults. They can be refilled at the water taps
  • Dropping a flag on top of a barricade will no longer bug out the amount of barricades each team can set up (but the barricade will still disappear)

A few more Castle Wars rebalances & minor bugfixes will be rolled out in future updates - we're also still thinking of some new items to add to the shop. Any input on that is always welcome (or links to threads with suggestions about them, they do tend to get lost within the ginormous amount of forum posts).

General updates & bugfixes
  • The setting to keep attacking when eating/switching in PvM now gets properly loaded on client start
  • Fixed not being able to trade from more than 1 square away
  • Fixed not being able to split a Completionist Cape at a Magical Cape Rack
  • Fixed not being able to charge an Uncharged Trident of The Seas
  • Fixed not being able to hide any clan chat messages
  • Fixed an error players get when running the client for the very first time (so new players no longer have to restart their client after the initial cache download before being able to play)
  • Fixed the bug that allowed players to 'lure' monsters outside a room in a Player-Owned House dungeon (and kill them from a safespot)
  • Completed clue scrolls are now recorded in your Player-Owned House bookcase
  • Fixed the Completionist Cape (Chaos) special not working on NPC's after being in combat with a player just once
  • You now properly look toward your enemy when using the special attack from the Granite Maul, Whip of Chaos or Completionist Cape (Chaos)
  • Fixed the bug where you might lose your Trident of The Swamp when using a Magic Fang on a Trident of The Seas (Full) with a full inventory
  • Fixed the bug that prevented you from receiving any clue scroll from a Player-Owned House (or skilling center) treasure chest if you already have a clue scroll of any level on your account
  • Fixed being able to equip a Spottier Cape as a non-donator
  • Fixed the Ring of Recoil not properly discharging in PvP (the charges were taken from the wrong player)
  • You can now Operate the Amulet of Glory while having it equipped
  • Added a warning message when using 'Restore' on a Magma or Tanzanite helm. Anyone who accidentally restored such helm to a regular Serp helm, please post a refund on the forums
  • Dying at Zul-Andra (or near the Priestess) no longer causes players to lose items
  • Made yet another small change to Zulrah to prevent it from spawning clouds or snakelings even after it dies (though I must admit I do not know if the fix actually works as I am unable to reproduce the bug). Most importantly, I'm hoping there will be no averse side effects
  • Zulrah's Green & Red forms have become slightly more resilient towards Ranged attacks, making a hybrid Ranged/Mage approach more interesting than just using Ranged
  • Fixed the animation while fishing with a rod
  • The right gem type is now shown when cutting gems
  • Improved the animation loop when smelting bars
  • Fixed the death animation of the Brutal Green Dragon (from the Correcting History quest)

And of course, let's not forget about our weekly event for this weekend: Double crafting & fletching XP

Starts in:

Ends in:

Now I'm going to get started on the actual implementation of the wilderness achievement diary, as well as finishing the work on Callisto (new wilderness miniboss) that Dylan had started on. I'm taking this before Avatars, since we could use a nice wilderness activity boost, as well as the fact that these are the fastest to implement.
A few things still need to be decided, I'm hoping members of our community (especially from the PvP and Game Quality Committees) are willing to pitch in their ideas and input about how to go about this and how to do a proper transition from the '500 kill count' requirement to a more diversified kill count through diverse PvP activities (although this is not applicable to Ironman mode Players - instead, they get to do double the PvM and skilling tasks).
A lot of players have worked hard to obtain 500 kills and it would be a shame to just let them count for nothing. I would like to propose every 5 kills would count toward 1 Edgeville kill and 1 Mage bank kill (check this topic for the current - unfinished - achievements list).

Furthermore, I have not yet managed to settle on a reward for the completion of the tasks. I would like to make 2 separate sets, each with their own reward, as well as a third reward for completing both sets. Throw some suggestions our way and we'll make sure to come up with something suitable. :D

Developers blog

Duo slayer

Something that was suggested a long time ago but kinda forgotten about: duo slayer.

After reading up on it on the OSRS wiki, it seems very simple and straightforward - definitely no more than a day's work to implement. However, the actual mechanics of the duo slayer are unknown to me and I can't find anywhere that explains it well enough.

What I understood so far: two players (both of whom are currently not on a slayer task) can partner up, by one of them using an enchanted gem on the other pla...

Wilderness achievements & additions

Now that Zulrah has been released and most bugs resolved (we'll make sure to make short work of any possible remaining ones), we've started working on more new content for the players to enjoy!

Donderstone2 has already been working on Callisto, a new wilderness boss (a bear) from OSRS. However, we need far more wilderness content than that if we want to get as many players into the wilderness as possible.

A deposit box in the resource area, along with bonus XP for any skill trained inside the w...