Moved to a new host

Dear players of PkHonor,

You may have noticed that the past two weeks, there have been some network connectivity issues. The game itself has kept running fine, although some players have to wait up to half a minute (sometimes longer) before they can actually log in. Our site and forums also don't work quite as they should. Therefore, we have decided to move everything to a new - hopefully better - host. This includes both our game and website.

[Edit] The move has been performed, everything seem...

18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Thanks to Thoby's hard work, our players can once again enjoy a whole bunch of much asked for quality of life updates. But first, I have an important announcement to make.

Both Thoby and Jeremy have been trial developer on PkHonor for quite some time. Within that time, both of them have exceeded our expectations, creating amazing and properly worked out content for our server, faster than I could have imagined (and sometimes faster than I have the time to review). Therefore, I am happy to anno...

Developers blog

Catacombs, ToB & Pking - Developers Blog - June 20th 2019


So, as a result of our promotion to full-fledged developers - Jeremy and I got the opportunity to start posting these developer blogs!
I’ve always been a huge fan of these, and providing transparency will give the community some insights into what currently is being worked on, and what to look forward to.
Feel free to leave your feedback on the highlighted content and design choices, we’d love to hear your input!

We will aim to write these on a regular basis. However, some weeks are filled...

Lizardman Shaman upcoming - testing needed

Our newest trial developer Thoby has recently been working on the Lizardman Shamans, which I am now proud to present to the community!

Planned for release within a couple of days, I have made these new NPC's available on our test server, available through this link.
The Lizardman Shamans can be found in the Lizardman Canyon, accessible through the Monsters teleport in your spellbook.

Just like OSRS, the Lizardman Shamans drop the Dragon warhammer. This weapon's special attack lowers your opponen...