11 January Updates - Bugfixes & QoL

A small Quality of Life improvement I came up with today for my own use, but which I'm sure our Honor players will know to appreciate: you can now use the ::item command (or its shorthand ::i) to get the ID of an item by passing (part of) an item name instead of an item ID. You will then be shown the ID's of all items in the game that contain the characters you typed. This is case insensitive. For example, to get a list of all dragon dart ID's, you can type "::i dragon dart" or "::i gon dart" or "::i agon dar" etc.. and each time you'll be shown the full list of all dragon dart ID's.

In further news:

  • Setting up a dwarf multicannon now happens automatically, all you have to do is click the cannon base. Up to 150 cannonballs are also automatically loaded into the cannon
  • Accounts that are AFK are no longer automatically logged out after 10 minutes. This particular feature had no actual use, since our client has an auto-reconnect feature whenever you disconnect
  • A minor update to Ape Atoll Monkeys becoming unaggressive after 10 minutes: they will now remain aggressive as long as they are under attack by a dwarf multicannon
  • Fixed a bug where Zulrah items or Full Slayer Helmets dropped by Ironman Mode players on death in the wilderness were not properly converted into coins
  • Fixed not being able to fletch regular logs into arrow shafts, longbows and shortbows
  • Fixed the Christmas Cake message spam when cooking
  • Fixed being able to cook a Christmas Cake from any uncooked fish as long as you have an orange in your inventory

Also a couple of forum changes:
  • Topics in the Feedback section can now only be viewed by their authors, just like the new staff applications and support sections
  • The Feedback section has been moved to the Help Desk category
  • The Suggestions section has been moved to the PkHonor category
  • The Clans subforum has been moved to General Discussion

Lastly, there is a God Wars event this weekend, meaning all GWD rooms require no killcount to enter, have +20% droprates and double pet droprates. Keep in mind that the Nex room still requires completion of The Last Journey quest!
Event starts in:

Ends in:

30 December Updates - Christmas Event

Somewhat overdue, but with Andres his help, we still managed to deliver one to our community this year!
Anna, the owner of an orphanage, needs some help. You can find her near the evergreen in Varrock, west of the Varrock Fountain!

Christmas Event starts in:

Ends in:

Also four more game improvements:

  • As of now, there need to be at least 2 players in both Castle Wars teams before a game will start
  • Fixed a bug where muted players were still able to use yell
  • The Staff of Light and (Toxic) Staff of The Dead now have +70 crush attack bonus, since their combat interface only allows you to use crush attacks
  • The WildyWyrm spawn point near Vet'ion has been moved a bit to the north-east

Developers blog

Holidays over, back to work!

There wasn't a whole lot of PkHonor development in the last 2 weeks, due to me taking a bit of a break from PkHonor in that period. Family visits and the like, you know how it is with the holidays. Also some bookkeeping (yes, even an RSPS needs to get its finances in order). I did spend a day on finishing Andres' Christmas Event a week ago, but other than that there wasn't much actual game development to speak of.

Today is the first day I've managed to start actual code work again. I aim to ro...

Small announcement from Le Vcom

Hi guys, it's been a while since i've posted anything here, so let's make a change on that !

It's been a while since you saw some (decent) updates from me and the reason of this was : School.
The first 2 months I have been pretty busy with school. 28 hours of classes each week combined with 4 projects in a 7 week timespan is pretty stressy.
The good news is : I have 1 exam left to make which is next Friday, after that I will only have 8-10 hours of classes every week until the end of the year, ...