17 June Updates - bugfixes

  • Fixed clue scroll steps completed in the wilderness not counting towards completion of the wilderness achievement diary
  • Fixed a bug where players could receive 2 master clue scrolls when finishing an easy, medium hard or elite trail
  • Double agents now only use melee attacks
  • Fixed the clue saying you had to kill Dharok in his lair (it would only complete if you killed Guthan instead)
  • Fixed a bug where items that you cannot drop (such as clue nests, clue bottles and clue geodes, but also quest ...

15 June Updates - Treasure trails

Yet another bunch of updates from Andres, with my finishing touches:

Master treasure trails
Watson has come to Varrock and now allows players to exchange 1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard and 1 elite clue scroll for a master clue scroll!

There is also a small chance of receiving a master clue scroll whenever you complete an easy, medium, hard or elite trail (the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance).
The rewards for a master clue scroll include all elite clue scroll rewards (including magic stone...

Developers blog

Happy birthday Dylan!

He may not be that visible, but that doesn't mean he's gone or inactive. And we certainly haven't forgotten about him. A huge happy birthday to our developer Dylan (aka Donderstone2) from all the supers here!

Final wilderness achievement diary list

After a lot of consideration, I have come up with a final achievement list for our wilderness achievements. Unless there are major objections from our community - or great suggestions for new PvP tasks - this list will no longer change at this point.

The PvM/skilling achievements have remained unchanged. A few PvP tasks have been added, several PvP tasks have been lowered and 3 have been removed (these 3 are: 200 damage in 10 seconds, full kills without taking damage and 2000 DFS special damag...