17 January Updates - Rune pouch

The rune pouch has been released!


Similar to OSRS, the pouch is used as follows:

  • Can store 16,000 of three types of runes, saving valuable inventory space
  • When casting spells, the appropriate runes will automatically be taken from the pouch
  • To store runes inside, simply use runes on it or click the rune pouch and then use the 'deposit' option from the interface
  • To withdraw runes, use the 'withdraw' option from the interface
  • To empty it, right-click the pouch and use 'empty'
  • When destroying the...

15 January Updates - Glacors out of the wilderness, KQ nerf

At last a long awaited change to Glacors - as of now, they will no longer be found in the wilderness!

Their new location is upstairs in the blurite mine at Mudskipper point. You can get there by walking to Mudskipper point, taking the ladder down, going through the Wyvern cave entrance (where Wyverns will be added in a future update) and going up the stairs.

Or you can take the easy way and use 'Monsters teleport' - 'More' and select 'Glacors'.
Glacors will no longer move through objects, but th...

Developers blog

What to look forward to

In the next couple of weeks, I would like to make work of adding the Hardcore Ironman Mode on PkHonor! The most important thing is to have separate highscores for Hardcore Ironman, which Rapsey is working on as we speak. We're hoping to get this released as quickly as possible, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Other than that, I'm currently working on the Rune Pouch, as well as the Menagerie in a Player-Owned House, which can serve as storage for pets. Once those two are out, I'm hop...

Coming up next: looting bag & permanent bank placeholders

In the past week, I've managed to add permanent bank placeholders, similar to what OSRS has. I've added a simple 'lock' button at the bottom of the bank interface, which will lock or unlock permanent placeholders. Right-clicking the button and selecting 'release all placeholders' will remove all placeholders you currently have in your bank.


This feature has been fully implemented and will surely help with organizing your bank, especially when loading presets.

I've decided to release this togeth...