30 July Updates - bugfixes

  • Fixed not being able to trade or alch zenyte shards and ballista springs
  • Fixed a bug where Demonic Gorillas were not immune to venom
  • You can no longer set up a dwarf multicannon within the area where demonic and tortured gorillas reside
  • Demonic gorillas have had their attack and defense levels reduced along with their aggro range
  • Several drops have been added to demonic and tortured gorillas (coins, onyx, prayer potion, key halves, rune/addy bar), while rune javelin head drops have been lowe...

27 July Updates - Demonic Gorillas, jewelry

Demonic and Tortured Gorillas have been added through a joint effort between Jeremy (The Builder) and myself!

You can find these gorillas by walking north-west of the Grand Tree (north of the gnome agility training), going through the opening in the fence and continuing north-east until you get to the cave at the end of the peninsula. Alternatively, king Narnode Shareen (found inside the Grand Tree) sells royal seed pods for 1 billion coins which will teleport you close to the cave entrance. R...

Developers blog

My "resignation"

Some of you already noticed, some of you did not.
I officially take distance from the Developer rank here in PkHonor.

there are several reasons that led to my 'resignation".
One of them is the community and the other one is my attitude towards the community.

When I started coding for PkHonor I wanted to give the community more updates on a on a regular basis.
But with creating those updates, a part of the community claimed that I only develop for my 'personal gain'.

When I was promoted to trial dev...

Happy birthday Dylan!

He may not be that visible, but that doesn't mean he's gone or inactive. And we certainly haven't forgotten about him. A huge happy birthday to our developer Dylan (aka Donderstone2) from all the supers here!