16 May Updates - bugfixes

A couple of bugfixes today:

  • Fixed melee pathing, where you would run too far behind another player or NPC you're trying to follow
  • Fixed a bug where you would often hit your maximum melee hit when using the dragon claws special attack
  • The Vesta's longsword special attack accuracy has been slightly nerfed, since melee accuracy is already higher than it used to be
  • Fixed a bug where Zulrah items lost from dying in PvM would only stay on the floor for two minutes instead of one hour
  • Fixed a bug wh...

13 May Updates - Pathing & PvP improvements, bugfixes

A major frustration of many a PK'er is being addressed in today's update: as of now, whenever you follow another player, you will no longer follow their footsteps (leading to strange pathing) but instead you will always try to take the shortest path to your target. I have also made some changes that should stop your character from randomly "giving up" on attacking your enemy.
The pathing near big NPC's (most notably the Abyssal Sire) has been improved as well, so you won't get "pulled" to the...

Developers blog

Lizardman Shaman upcoming - testing needed

Our newest trial developer Thoby has recently been working on the Lizardman Shamans, which I am now proud to present to the community!

Planned for release within a couple of days, I have made these new NPC's available on our test server, available through this link.
The Lizardman Shamans can be found in the Lizardman Canyon, accessible through the Monsters teleport in your spellbook.

Just like OSRS, the Lizardman Shamans drop the Dragon warhammer. This weapon's special attack lowers your opponen...

Abyssal Sire & major PvM combat changes

I've pretty much finished my work on the Abyssal Sire and released it on the test server, a client for which you can download here.

With the introduction of a new boss also come two new weapons - the abyssal bludgeon and the abyssal dagger. And a pet, of course.

However, the next update on PkHonor will not just add the Abyssal Sire and two new items. We are also working on a major overhaul of our PvM combat system.

With the help of Rapsey as well as Adam, we have now managed to compile a long li...