+20% drops, double pet droprates
2019-10-24 02:00 UTC

Corporeal Beast

Free access for all, +20% drops, double pet droprates
2019-10-24 18:00 UTC

Corporeal Beast

Free access for all, +20% drops, double pet droprates
2019-10-25 02:00 UTC

Double runecrafting XP

Double runecrafting XP
2019-10-25 08:00 UTC

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2019-10-26 03:00 UTC

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Theatre of Blood released on the testserver - bughunter contest

by Mike » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:33 pm

After several months, it's finally here: our very own Theatre of Blood!

Because of how big the update is, we have decided to first release it on our test server (a server completely separate from our live server) so players can look for bugs we bring the update to our production server. The test server currently runs on a player database from several months ago, so my apologies for it being rather outdated.

To participate, simply download our Theatre of Blood test client and see if everything works as expected. If you find any bugs (that are otherwise not a bug on the live server), please report it as a reply on this topic. Make sure to include your game username in one of your bug reports so I know where to add the credits at the end of the contest.

To know how the Theatre of Blood works, I recommend the OSRS wiki on the subject (or its strategy guide). We have done our best to make our ToB work in exactly the same way as on OSRS, with two minor exceptions:
Firstly, you will always keep all your items when losing or dying in the Theatre, but you will need to pay a penalty of 5M coins to play again after each time you fail it.
Secondly, Hardcore Ironman players will keep their status if they die in the Theatre, so it is considered a safe minigame. I know that the outcome of the poll on the subject was 70% in favor of losing the status vs 30% keeping it, but we want to prevent hardcores from losing their status due to a bug or a combat mechanic that works different in PkHonor than in OSRS. If we feel confident that our ToB mechanics all work 100% like OSRS and are completely bug-free, we might decide to make the minigame dangerous later on (and we'll be sure to prompt hardcores with the appropriate message when we do), but not right now in any case.

A few things to test in ToB is food/potion sharing (and the inability of irons to see food/pots dropped by others) along with the dropping of Dawnbringer in the Verzik room. For your convenience, you will be able to start the Theatre in any of the six rooms on the test server.

The complexity of several bosses forced us to rework some major parts of our NPC-related code, so there's a very real chance of one or more of our current in-game bosses (and other monsters) being broken as a result. A few possible ways in which they might be broken is them not following or attacking properly, their hits not registering, not using correct attack styles, or - forTzTok-Jad - not being able to switch prayer in time etc.

I'd like to ask the community if they can test not only the Theatre of Blood itself, but also all of our other bosses to see if none of them broke.
A list of possible bosses to check are as follows (but feel free to test other NPC's as well):
  • TzTok-Jad (short version will work fine, just spawn some Tokkul if needed)
  • Vorkath
  • Zulrah
  • Nomad (in your player-owned house or the skilling center)
  • Skotizo (you can spawn a dark totem if needed)
  • Cerberus
  • Thermonuclear smoke devil
  • Corporeal beast
  • Abyssal sire
  • Kraken
  • Bork
  • Lizardman shaman
  • Demonic gorillas
  • Barrelchests
  • Giant mole
  • Chaos elemental
  • Kalphite Queen
  • King Black Dragon
  • Dagannoth Kings
  • Barrows brothers
  • Nex, along with the other four GWD bosses
  • All wilderness demibosses (Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion, Scorpia, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic)

Some useful commands on the testserver:
Spoiler: show
::item <itemid> <amount> (spawn items with id itemid). Check our items list to get the ID's of items, or use the ::item command with (part of) an item name as argument to find ID's. For example '::item cannon' will list all items with their ID that have 'cannon' in the name
Note that the items from OSRS that we don't have available on PkHonor yet (such as the twisted bow) don't work properly yet. So no need to report bugs related to items that can only be obtained by spawning.
::adminset (spawn really strong items)
::master (get level 99 in all skills)
::noob (set all skills to 1)
::tele <x> <y> (teleport to x y)
::xplus <x> (move x squares east)
::xmin <x> (move x squares west)
::yplus <y> (move y squares north)
::ymin <y> (move y squares south)
::spec (restore spec bar)
::food (spawn rocktails)
::barrage (spawn thousands of barrage runes)
::pkpoints (give yourself 500 pkpoints)
::slaypoints (give yourself 500 slayer points)
::ancient (switch to the ancient spellbook)
::lunar (switch to the lunar spellbook)
::normal (switch to the regular spellbook)
::prayer (switch between regular prayerbook & ancient curses)
::pray (regain full prayer points)
::bank (bank anywhere)
::xrich (spawn max coin stack)
::strset (spawn some melee items)
::rangeset (spawn some ranger items)
::ach (to complete or reset all achievements)
::q1, ::q2 and ::q3 (to complete or reset the quests Pest Invasion, The Last Journey and Correcting History)

The contest will be ongoing until we feel confident that most of the (important) bugs have been reported and fixed.

Bughunter contest rules & guidelines
  • Whenever you encounter an in-game bug, make a post about it as a reply to this thread. Please try to be as specific as possible so we can reproduce the bug
  • Please report one bug per post to prevent people from cheating by editing their old posts. This means double posting in this thread is allowed.
  • Make sure you include your in-game username in one of your bug reports, so I know where to add the credits (if you never state your in-game name in any reports, you will be excluded from the contest)
  • The first person to report a bug gets the points for it
  • Known bugs or bugs that are also present in the live production server do not result in any points
  • When two or more people work together to find a bug (or someone finds a bug and asks another to report it), they all get the full amount of points for it
  • You get points based on the severity of the bug:
    - 1 point for minor bugs and visual glitches
    - 2 points for relatively minor bugs, things that don't work or wrong ID's (for example an NPC having the wrong ID or being spawned in the wrong place)
    - 3 points for general bugs
    - 4 points for major bugs
    - 5 points for game-breaking bugs
    - 10 points for dupes or massive exploits
The rewards are as follows:
Spoiler: show
#1 - 5000 credits
#2 - 4000 credits
#3 - 3000 credits

#4 - 2000 credits
#5 - 1000 credits
Happy hunting!

Current bughunter report:
Spoiler: show
Pvm porn - 15 points
- Players can now keep inviting others even if they already invited them before, to prevent bugs with the invite system - 2 points
(fix to be released yet)- You can now leave your party by right-clicking the ToB entrance and clicking "Leave-party" - 2 points
- One player will now properly receive a red path to follow when they are chosen by Sotetseg - 3 points
- When doing a Sotetseg or Xarpus room again, the room is now cleared of poison, tiles or tornado of your previous run - 3 points
- Sotetseg can now be attacked again if the chosen player dies, the tornado will also instantly disappear if this happens - 3 points
- When logging out and back in while inside the Theatre of Blood, you should now be teleported just outside the room, to the same location where you are teleported when you die - 2 points

Thierryu1 - 6 points
- The HP of ToB monsters and the pillars in the Nylocas room now scale with the size of the party - 3 points
(yet to fix) - The pathing around big NPC's has been improved - 3 points

Zeke v2 - 6 points
- Teleporting out of Ver Sinhaza while in a party will no longer count as a loss - 3 points
- You can no longer be indefinitely stuck in a web at Verzik - 3 points

Jackyll - 3 points
- It should no longer be possible to get stuck in the Xarpus room if the party leader moves on to Verzik Vitur - 3 points

Kenneth - 3 points
- Teleporting out of the theatre after killing Verzik will no longer count as a loss - 3 points

Isaac - 3 points
- It should no longer be possible to retaliate against unattackable monsters, such as the summoned souls at Cerberus - 3 points

Church - 2 points
- You can no longer get stuck in a wall by clicking a barrier while standing next to it - 2 points

Patel - 2 points
- Pestilent bloat can no longer damage players after they die - 2 points

Xanzibarian - 2 points
- You are now teleported to the correct location if you die in Sotetseg - 2 points

Respire1337 - 2 points
(fix to be released yet)- The Scythe of Vitur's Chop now correctly uses slash as attack style instead of stab- 2 points

Developers Blog

Food and potion sharing in ToB

by Mike » Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:38 pm

I'm glad to announce that I have finally managed to code in the last two rooms of the Theatre of Blood: Xarpus and Verzik Vitur. Xarpus took me about a week to make, while Verzik has taken me almost three weeks to add. A lot more work (and lines of code) than I initially anticipated, but if that's what it takes to add a Theatre of Blood experience that's as close as possible to the real thing, why not.

Either way, now that those final rooms are of the way, I just have just a few more TODO's before the public beta release on our testserver, which should hopefully not take too long:
  • Handing out rewards to players
  • Scythe of Vitur
  • Lil'zik
  • Sanguinesti staff
  • Avernic defender
  • Ghrazi Rapier
  • justiciar armour
  • Handling deaths in the Theatre
There is however one thing which I do not yet have the answer to: food and potions within the Theatre.
As experienced ToB players from OSRS will undoubtedly know, a much used technique is to drop food and potions on the floor to share them with team members who might need them or in case you die.

But what if the other person is an Ironman Mode player? Should we simply allow regular players to transfer, say, an inventory full of overloads to an Ironman Mode player? Or would we have to keep track of what irons picked up and destroy them as they leave the Theatre? I'm hoping the community can help me provide the answer to this question.

Either way, I'll keep on working in the meantime and check back on this topic from time to time. Hopefully I'll be able to do the public beta release tomorrow if all goes well (and if people can answer me this one question).


New website!

by Rapsey » Fri Oct 11, 2019 8:30 pm

Note: if the website looks f'ed up to you, please try doing a hard refresh by using ctrl-F5 (or command-F5 on a mac).

It's been in the works for a long time but now it's finally here: a complete overhaul of our entire website! Rather than doing a radical redesign we have opted to stay true to the design you are all familiar with, and have instead focussed our efforts on modernising and improving everything. While things may look more or less the same as they used to, most of what you're seeing has been rebuilt from the ground up.

This release encompasses a huge number of changes and improvements, so instead of making a full changelog we will only highlight the most significant changes.

  • A complete modernisation of the website theme. The website has become a lot more consistent and there's icons and stuff.
  • Full mobile support. Say goodbye to the bright mobile theme for the forums (and to the lack of proper mobile theme for everything else). Our main website theme should now be as comfortable to use on mobile as it is on a regular PC.
  • Various performance and security improvements.
  • Emoji support.
  • @mentions.
  • Notifications (for mentions, quotes, replies to your posts, replies to bookmarked topics, topics created in subscribed forums, ...). You can manage your notification settings here. If you want to receive notifications for any further posts made on topics you have posted on, you can effectively auto-subscribe to any topic you post on. This option is found on your posting defaults, but please keep in mind it will only take effect for topics you post on after enabling this setting (it's disabled by default). Alternatively you can tick the "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox when creating a topic or post.
  • More intelligent quotes. (only affects new quotes)
  • Soft delete for posts
The ideas system has also been rebuilt. It is now completely integrated with the forums, instead of requiring you to navigate through the ideas system to get the ideas interface on top of the base topics. Because it is now mature enough we have decided to start using it for all proposing and voting on suggestions. To that end, about half of the topics from the old In-Game Suggestions forum have been automatically converted into the ideas system (basically all the ones that had recognizable yes/no poll voting options).

The old In-Game Suggestions forum (and all the topics left in it) will still be sticking around. There is still a place for it. While the ideas system is intended to be used for proposing and voting on "finished" suggestions, it is not very suitable for discussing rough ideas or polling community input across multiple choices (or anything other than yes/no).

tl;dr: from now on we have:
  • Discuss Ideas (= the old In-Game Suggestions forum, for extended polling and working out the details of an unfinalized idea)
  • Propose Ideas (= the ideas system with thumbs up/down voting, suggestion ranking, support for marking the dev-status of each suggestion etc)
If there are still suggestions in the discussion section that have a clear yes/no poll but weren't automatically converted, please feel free to point them out to me and I will convert them into the ideas system while preserving the yes/no votes.



Saradomin - Commander Zilyana - Community bossing event

by Ely » Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:53 pm

Welcome back to the latest community bossing event. This week we’ll be hunting Commander Zilyana. Zilyana (Saradomin) can be found in the God Wars Dungeon, but throughout this event all players will be able to use the ::event command to teleport directly into the boss room, skipping the kill count requirement. Throughout this event, drop rates will be boosted by +20% with double the chance of receiving a pet.

If you’re unfamiliar with community events, or how they work, please refer to our zamorak GWD event announcement posts here.

Starts in:

Ends in:

Community goal =
14,000 kills

Personal goal =
8000 damage

- Rewards for completing the personal goal + community goal =
Spoiler: show
  • 750 Saradomin Brew(4)
  • 250 Karambwan
  • 75 Overload(4)
  • 2 Dragon Defender
  • 100 Saradomin Arrows
  • 500 Slayer points
  • 500 pest control points
  • Saradomin Godsword
During this bossing event, the community needs to obtain 14 000 kills by the end of the event. Only when the community goal has been reached, everyone who has reached their personal goal of 8000 damage will receive their rewards. Ironman players also count towards the community goal and are eligible for the reward.

Top 10 competition for regular players.

The top 10 regular players who have done the most damage to Saradomin will earn an additional reward.
Spoiler: show
1 - Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Godsword, Saradomin Sword, 1000 Saradomin Arrows, 500 Overload(4), Chaotic Rapier, Chaotic Crossbow, 30 Chaotic Repair Kits, 7500 PKP, Saradomin Cape
2 - Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Godsword, Saradomin Sword, 900 Saradomin Arrows, 400 Overload(4), Chaotic Rapier, 25 Chaotic Repair Kits, 6500 PKP, Saradomin Cape
3 - Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Godsword, Saradomin Sword, 800 Saradomin Arrows, 400 Overload(4), Chaotic Crossbow, 20 Chaotic Repair Kits, 5500 PKP Saradomin Cape
4 - Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Godsword, Saradomin Sword, 700 Saradomin Arrows, 300 Overload(4), Chaotic Maul, 15 Chaotic Repair Kits, 5000 PKP, Saradomin Cape
5 - Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Godsword, Saradomin Sword, 600 Saradomin Arrows, 300 Overload(4), Chaotic Rapier, 10 Chaotic Repair Kits, 4500 PKP, Saradomin Cape
6 - Chaotic Crossbow, 5 Dragon Defender, 500 Saradomin Arrows, 250 Overload(4), 5000 Saradomin Brew(4), Chaotic Rapier, 4000 PKP, Saradomin Cape
7 - Chaotic Crossbow, 5 Dragon Defender, 500 Saradomin Arrows, 250 Overload(4), 4000 Saradomin Brew(4), Chaotic Maul, 3500 PKP, Saradomin Cape
8 - Chaotic Crossbow, 5 Dragon Defender, 500 Saradomin Arrows, 250 Overload(4), 3000 Saradomin Brew(4), Chaotic Rapier, 3000 PKP, Saradomin Cape
9 - Chaotic Crossbow, 5 Dragon Defender, 500 Saradomin Arrows, 250 Overload(4), 2000 Saradomin Brew(4), Chaotic Maul, 2500 PKP, Saradomin Cape
10 - Chaotic Crossbow, 5 Dragon Defender, 500 Saradomin Arrows, 250 Overload(4), 1000 Saradomin Brew(4), 10 Chaotic Repair Kits, Zamorak Cape
A big thanks to Iron Adam for suggesting and helping with some of the rewards for this event!

Developers Blog

Nylocas & Tsotetseg rooms finished

by Mike » Sun Sep 22, 2019 8:22 pm

During the past two weeks, I have done a lot of work to continue Thoby his work on the Threatre of Blood. He had finished most of the surrounding setup and party organization along with the first two rooms (Maiden of Sanguinesti and the Pestilent Bloat). I tested those two rooms and added a few last tweaks to make sure everything is just like it works in OSRS. I also made a few improvements to the party system.

I have now also just finished coding the two other rooms containing the Nylocas and Sotetseg.

Our initial plan for the Nylocas room was to make them randomly spawn, but this proved rather challenging to balance properly, so I ended up using the exact spawns from OSRS by watching a lot of footage. Took me a couple of hours to get it all, but I do think I have all the spawn locations, Nylocas types, spawn timing and what pillars they target correct.
The only thing I haven't managed to fix yet is the black floor tiles in the room. I tried a a lot of different things, looked around the code, did several experiments, checked the RSPS development communities for similar issues, but nothing has yielded any results so far. I'm afraid I will have to release the room as is, I know it's ugly but I have no idea what I could possibly do about it.
Nylocas Vasilias, the big boss spawn after the initial nylocas spawns, is also finished. It randomly switches every two attacks and should have the exact mechanics from OSRS as well.
The room after that, Sotetseg, is also finished. Once again, it has all the exact same mechanics as OSRS (as far as I can tell anyway). The only thing I haven't added is the white tornado-like graphical effect around the player that is currently inside the maze, mostly because it didn't didn't seem worth the effort to code in but also because I'm not sure what the point of that graphical effect is to begin with.



Next week I will be working on Xarpus and Verzik Vitur, the last two rooms of the ToB. Once those are done, I will release a public testserver so players can have a go at this minigame and check for any possible bugs. It's doubtless one of the largest projects we've undertaken at PkHonor, so it wouldn't come as a surprise if there are several bugs or mechanics that just aren't quite right on release. Let's try to get it as good as possible when the day comes - hopefully not too far away now!

As soon as the final two rooms are finished, I'll make a public announcement on the news forum along with a download link to the test server.