20 October updates: NPC pathfinding, item sets, bugfixes

Todays updates bring some much anticipated improvements to the pathfinding of our NPC's, along with the addition of several item sets (yay for more bank space!) and a whole lot of bugfixes and QoL improvements.

First off, several NPC pathfinding improvements:

  • NPC's that have a ranged or magic attack will no longer walk up to you, but stay at a distance instead
  • NPC's now have a much simpler pathfinding algorithm than before, meaning it has now become much easier to get an NPC stuck behind an ob...

Major upcoming NPC pathfinding update

I've been working a lot on the code related to NPC pathfinding in order to address several issues that have been brought to my attention. I'm hoping I got everything right, but I would like the community to test these changes before bringing them live to the production server. If all of these changes have been successfully implemented, NPC pathfinding should now be exactly the same as in OSRS.

The changes are as follows:

  • NPC's no longer dance around you (or around obstacles) in order to try to...

Developers blog

Welcoming Andres back to the developers team!

Today, Andres has rejoined the team of PkHonor developers, stating that he's ready to get back to adding new features and fixing age old bugs! Considering his many hours and extensive experience in PkHonor development, we are very glad to have him back! Along with Jeremy as active trial developer, with Andres his help we should have updates and new content out faster than we've ever imagined would be possible before.

Since he is no longer an active player on here (and we have banned his Ironma...

Back from vacation!

For those wondering where I have been for the past 2 weeks, the answer would be North Yorkshire in England, enjoying some much needed vacation with my family.

Today I have returned and eager to get back to work! Jeremy has been doing some great work on several new features which I intend to finish within the weeks to come! This way, despite my vacation, there shouldn't be a lack of cool content for you guys to enjoy!

We're not exactly sure which features we'll be releasing first, so I won't be ...