Dagannoth Kings - Community Bossing Event

Welcome back to another community bossing event, this week we’ll be hunting Dagannoth kings. Throughout this event, drop rates will be boosted by +20% including droprates on pets.

If you’re unfamiliar with community events, or how they work, please refer to our zamorak event news posts here.

Events starts in:

Ends in:

Community goal =
40,000 kills:

Personal goal =
25,000 damage

- Rewards for completing the personal goal + communtiy goal =

Spoiler: show
• 50 overloads (4)
• Ranger boots & Robin Hood hat
• 100 rings of recoil
• Uncut onyx
• 500 raw Rocktails
• 100m coins
• 50 Dagannoth bones
• 500 PkHonor points
• 500 pest control points

During this bossing event, the community needs to obtain 40,000 kills by the end of the event. Only when the community goal has been reached, everyone who has reached their personal goal of 25,000 damage will receive their rewards. Ironman players also count towards the community goal and are eligible for the reward.

TOP 10 COMPETITION for regular players.

The top 10 regular players who have done the most damage to Dagannoth Supreme, Prime and Rex will earn an additional reward.

Spoiler: show
1) 5000 PKP + 5000 Slayer points + 1000 Dagannoth Bones + Berserker ring (i) + Archers ring (i) + Seers ring (i) + 2000m coins

2) 4500 PKP + 4500 Slayer points + 900 Dagannoth Bones + Berserker Ring (i) +Seers ring (i) + 5 Hand cannons + 1500m coins

3) 4000 PKP + 4000 Slayer points + 800 Dagannoth Bones + Archers ring (i) + 5 Archers rings + 1500m coins

4) 4000 PKP + 4000 Slayer points + 700 Dagannoth Bones + Archers ring (i) + 5 seers rings + 1250m coins

5) 4000 PKP + 4000 slayer points + 600 Dagannoth Bones + Seers ring (i) + 5 Berserker rings + 1100m Coins

6) 3500 PKP + 3500 Slayer points + 500 Dagannoth Bones + 10,000 Raw shark + 10 Ranger boots + 1000m coins

7) 3000 PKP + 3000 Slayer points + 400 Dagannoth Bones + 5 Infinity bottoms + 5 Infinity top + 750m Coins

8) 2000 PKP + 2000 Slayer Points + 300 Dagannoth Bones + 750m Coins

9) 1000 pkp + 1000 slayer points + 200 Dagannoth Bones + 750m coins

10) 100 dagannoth Bones + 10 Mage's book + 10 Infinity gloves +10 Dragon axe

28 June Updates - A couple of small bugfixes

In today's update:

  • A bug has been fixed where players were still able to deal damage for one game tick (0.6 seconds) after dropping to zero hitpoints. Two players can still kill each other on the exact same game tick.
  • A bug has been fixed where the Arclight and Darklight special attack would heavily increase a monster's defence level, rather than reduce it.
  • You can no longer use the agility shortcut in level 21 wilderness at the west side to escape the wild.
  • All monsters now have the proper s...

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