24 October updates: halloween event, bugfixes

Our Halloween event has begun, lasting until:

The event is relatively simple: every time you dig for a clue as part of a treasure trail, there is a 1/6 chance you will receive an imp mask. This item is untradeable. Everyone can participate, since skillers can obtain clues through fishing, woodcutting and mining!
Once you have found your imp mask, talk to Postie Pete in Edgeville and he'll tell you what you can do with it..

For some reason, our bankers have also decided to join in on the halloween hype. Not that they have anything special to offer, but it looks like they're having a good time nonetheless.

In further news:

  • Added the ::post command, which is similar to ::thread but accepts a post ID as parameter. For example, this very post has the ID 655354. To get the ID of a specific post, simply click the title of the post and the ID will appear at the end of the URL in your address bar
  • When on a treasure trail, you can no longer receive clues for Falo the Bard, except when on a master trail
  • Skilling treasure trails (obtained through a clue nest, geode or bottle) will no longer take you inside the wilderness
  • Fixed a few NPC pathfinding bugs that were introduced with the 20 October update
  • The following items can now be traded through the Grand Exchange:
    Spoiler: show
    - Items that can be obtained from shops (such as portraits, maps, candle, cake tin, dwarven rock cake, falconer's glove, fishing bait, fishing rod, molten glass, rope, rotten tomato)
    - Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix/Armadyl/Bandos/Ancient d'hide boots
    - Armadyl, Bandos and Ancient dragonhide sets
    - Triangle sandwich
    - Ring of stone
    - Rapid renewal scroll
    - Mole claw
    - Mole skin
    - Spirit impling jar
    - Bracelet mould
    - Barrage runes pouch
    - Welfare melee set
    - Brown apron
    - Salmon
    - Anchovies & raw anchovies
    - Salmon & raw salmon
    - Sardine & raw sardine
    - Raw trout
    - Adamant plateskirt (g) and (t)
    - Burnt anchovies, cake, chompy, pizza, rocktail, sardine, trout/salmon and tuna/bass
    - Weapon poison+ (unf) and weapon poison++ (unf)
    - Steel crossbow (u)
    - Rune dart(p++)
    - Iron crossbow and iron crossbow (u)
    - Iron dart(p)
    - Peach
    - Pineapple ring
    - Pizza base
    - Plain pizza & 1/2 plain pizza
    - Achey tree logs
    - Bucket of water
    - Vulatrice egg
  • Several untradeable items have been removed from the GE and ::prices list:
    Spoiler: show
    - Brawling gloves
    - Bone spear
    - Coloured feathers
    - Castle wars tickets
    - Castlewars hoods/cloaks
    - Hybrid armour
    - Saradomin, Zamorak & Guthix bow
    - Barb-tail harpoon
    - Christmas cracker
    - Kebbit fur
    - Gloves of silence
    - Rabbit foot & strung rabbit foot
    - Hunter camouflage equipment
    - Detransform scroll
    - Elemental ore
    - Ex-ex-parrot
    - Fire cape
    - Frozen key & key pieces
    - Gnome scarf
    - Keris
    - Khazard armour & helmet
    - Lederhosen hat, shorts & top
    - Princess blouse & skort
    - Skeleton boots, gloves, leggings, mask & short
    - Marble block
    - Morph ring
    - Pot of flour
    - Shadow sword
    - Skull sceptre
    - Snowball
    - Spotted & spottier cape
    - Treasure map
  • Some items that cannot (or can no longer) be obtained or simply have no business being in the GE or ::prices list have been removed:
    Spoiler: show
    - Construction furniture
    - Blade of destruction
    - Bronze wire
    - Bucket of milk
    - Bullseye lantern (unf)
    - Chameleon egg
    - Dwarf
    - Teddy
    - Tribal mask
    - 100M, 500M & 1B tickets
  • A few items that were listed in the GE list with the wrong item ID's have had their ID's fixed:
    Spoiler: show
    - Amulet of eternal glory
    - Bronze dart(p)
    - Bronze dart(p+)
    - Mith grapple
    - Several types of beer
  • Fixed not being able to left click while holding down the right-click button
  • Fixed a bug where pressing a number (1 - 5) on your keyboard in an option dialogue would not always yield the expected result
  • All pets now have "Release" as first-click option in your inventory
  • Fixed the whip of balance not offering +10 stab defence bonus
  • Fixed the Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, Bandos, Armadyl and Ancient dragonhide set either not being packed into the correct set or not unpacking properly
  • Fixed the bonuses and level requirements for the aforementioned dragonhide sets
  • Fixed not being able to assemble a dragon armour set due to a wrong dragon platelegs item ID
  • You can now pack a red, green and blue halloween mask into a halloween mask set
  • You can now pack a red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white partyhat into a partyhat set
  • Fixed the Protect from Missiles prayer not reducing damage from ruby bolt specs (applies to both players and NPC's)
  • You can now left-click the appropriate fishing spots to fish for shark, monkfish or rocktail, rather than having to right-click them and selecting the 2nd option
  • Fixed a bug where you might not be able to properly attack an instanced boss at the lava dragon isle the wilderness
  • Instanced Vet'ion and his hellhounds will now ignore single combat zones, similar to Scorpia and her offspring
  • Every time a new wave spawns in the TzHaar fight cave, you will now receive a message in your chatbox to know which wave you're on
  • To counter the AFK fishing of karambwanji, your character will now automatically stop fishing after it has caught 30 of them, after which you need to re-click the spot to keep fishing
  • When using the dragon spear (and Zamorakian spear/hasta) special attack on someone who is frozen or entangled, they will now be shoved one square as they are supposed to
  • You can now use the Shantay Pass bank chest to access your bank or the Grand Exchange
  • Fixed several hunter pitfall traps not working correctly
  • Fixed not being able to teleport to the Morph world when in the Nex killcount area in GWD
  • Fixed being able to attack Grand Exchange clerks
  • Items on the floor that cannot be picked up by Ironman Mode players (such as NPC drops from other players) will no longer be visible to them
  • When talking to the donator shop salesman about removing an honor account while on a regular (non-honor) account, you will now get a proper message instead of "talk to an administrator"
  • The west Varrock bank now has a working bank booth at the southernmost end
  • Fixed the unstrung heavy ballista being listed as "unstring heavy ballista"
  • "Blue skirt (t)" and "blue skirt (g)" are now called "blue wizard skirt (t)" and "blue wizard skirt (g)"
  • Fixed some of Uri's dialogues not being displayed correctly
  • Improved the zenyte shard fusing interface


20 October updates: NPC pathfinding, item sets, bugfixes

Todays updates bring some much anticipated improvements to the pathfinding of our NPC's, along with the addition of several item sets (yay for more bank space!) and a whole lot of bugfixes and QoL improvements.

First off, several NPC pathfinding improvements:

  • NPC's that have a ranged or magic attack will no longer walk up to you, but stay at a distance instead
  • NPC's now have a much simpler pathfinding algorithm than before, meaning it has now become much easier to get an NPC stuck behind an ob...

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Welcoming Andres back to the developers team!

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Today I have returned and eager to get back to work! Jeremy has been doing some great work on several new features which I intend to finish within the weeks to come! This way, despite my vacation, there shouldn't be a lack of cool content for you guys to enjoy!

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