23 May updates

  • The option to keep attacking while eating, potting or equipping gear has been re-added, but only for PvM. The setting is disabled on default in order to avoid confusion among new players. You can toggle this in ::settings (or the 'Graphics option' button in your wrench tab)
  • Made another improvement to Zulrah to prevent double spawning
  • Fixed the bug that allowed players to use melee weapons (other than a halberd) against Zulrah in the middle (North side) of the island
  • Fixed some glitchy pathfindi...

22 May updates

  • At last managed to fix the the accidental despawning of Zulrah. I've managed to reproduce the issue, though it has a very complex cause - which is not entirely unexpected since Zulrah is by far our most complex boss. Hopefully this will prove to be a permanent fix, but please let us know if there are any more bugs related to Zulrah
  • The toxic blowpipe now has increased attack speed in PvM, so now it works exactly like OSRS. However, you cannot use the rapid stance while wearing a Completionist ...

Developers blog

Wilderness achievements & additions

Now that Zulrah has been released and most bugs resolved (we'll make sure to make short work of any possible remaining ones), we've started working on more new content for the players to enjoy!

Donderstone2 has already been working on Callisto, a new wilderness boss (a bear) from OSRS. However, we need far more wilderness content than that if we want to get as many players into the wilderness as possible.

A deposit box in the resource area, along with bonus XP for any skill trained inside the w...

Zulrah release imminent

Today, I have finished the final modifications and bugfixes of the boss itself and I have completed the implementation of all Toxic items - the Serpentine, Magma & Tanzanite Helm, Toxic Blowpipe and the Trident of The Swamp! All of these items work exactly the same way they do in OSRS (creating, charging, checking, uncharging, dismantling, effects, special attacks, ...), with 2 minor exceptions:
> The toxic blowpipe can be loaded using regular and poisoned darts. However, the blowpipe will nev...