Dagannoth Kings

+20% drops, double pet drops
2022-12-02 08:00 UTC (3d)

Double Vote Points

::vote for double vote points!
2022-12-02 08:00 UTC (3d)


Lottery tickets cost 6m instead of 8m
2022-12-06 00:00 UTC (1d)

Double farming & herblore XP

Double farming & herblore XP
2022-12-09 08:00 UTC (3d)

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2022-12-10 03:00 UTC (3h)
2022-12-10 11:00 UTC (3h)
2022-12-10 19:00 UTC (3h)

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Developers Blog

Nex poll

by Mike » Sun Nov 27, 2022 3:42 pm

With the cache update done, we can now get started on adding new content into the game. I know that everyone is itching to start on the Tombs of Amascut, but it will take some time to implement all of it.

The OSRS version of Nex will be a much easier and faster feature to implement, in part because we already have it in the game and we can retain most of its mechanics. There will be a couple of new item drops (and pet!), a few additional mechanics and a few new NPC's to add, but we should be able to do all of that in a relatively short amount of time. Definitely much faster than it will take us to implement the Tombs of Amascut.

That being said, there are a few things that need to be sorted out before we get to work:
  • Should we copy the OSRS version of Nex as closely as possible in terms of combat mechanics?
  • Should Nex's hitpoints scale with the amount of players in the room (just like the Nightmare) or not? This would balance it much better for smaller versus larger groups and seems an interesting mechanic to keep in mind for future bosses, unless the community disagrees with this idea.
  • Should we rework Torva, in terms of stats, how to obtain it and whether or not it should degrade?
For your information, we currently have no plans to change anything about Virtus and Pernix equipment.

If there is anything else Nex-related you would like to put forward, feel free to tell us about it in this thread.


26 November Updates: cache update, QoL and bugfixes

by Mike » Sat Nov 26, 2022 5:07 pm

Today, we bring our cache up to date with the latest version of OSRS. This cache update is needed so we can add the following features to PkHonor in the near future:
  • The Tombs of Amascut, also known as Raids 3, with all its rewards as well as the Keris partisan
  • New Nex map with added rewards, such as the Zaryte crossbow and Zaryte vambraces (and we'll be sure to throw in the Nex pet as well)
  • Bow of faerdhinen
  • Other variants of Lil' Zik pet (Lil' Maiden, Lil' Bloat, Lil' Nylo, Lil' Sot and Lil' Xarp)
  • Group ironman armour, which will come in handy when we add Group Ironman Mode
  • A whole bunch of cosmetic items, which will be nice to have for future holiday events (among other possible uses)
  • Guardians of the rift, although there are currently no plans yet to add this minigame, but maybe in a future update once all other major pieces of content have been added, this also depends on what the community gives preference to
  • And amethyst darts, which are already included in this update!

There are also a few QoL features and bugfixes included in this update:
  • You can now create amethyst darts by using a chisel on an amethyst to craft amethyst dart tips (requires 89 crafting) and attaching feathers to the tips to create amethyst darts (requires 90 fletching). They can be poisoned and can be used as ammo for the toxic blowpipe.
  • You can now use the magic cape perk while having the magic cape in your inventory.
  • You can now check how many uses you have left on your magic cape (or how long you have to wait until you can use it again) by right-clicking the cape in your inventory and clicking "Perk-info"or right-clicking the cape in your equipment tab and clicking "Check".
  • Nex now has a respawn timer of 30 seconds for Ironman mode players (same as for regular players), so they can now use the ancient altar after defeating Nex.
  • Fixed a bug where standing on one side of a wall and trying to attack a player or NPC at the other side of that wall might lead you to stand still instead of walking around the wall. This was especially noticeable at the revenant caves.
  • Roaming ninja implings have been fixed and can now be caught.
  • Fixed a bug where the bank booth outside the Nex chamber did not allow initiating a buy offer on the Grand Exchange.

Cache updates like these always break a couple of things in the game. Thanks to the people who have played the testserver recently, we have already managed to fix several bugs related to the cache update, but there will definitely be others that haven't been discovered yet. Some things that may have become broken may include missing NPC's, NPC's in weird places, broken animations, tiles that you cannot walk on (even though you should be able to), items that just don't look right or objects that are missing or cannot be interacted with anymore. If you find any bugs related to this update, please report them either on this thread or in the bug report forum.


Cache update released on testserver - check it out [updated 23 November]

by Mike » Tue Nov 22, 2022 3:03 pm

[Update 23 November] I have released a new client with the most important bugs fixed. Your testclient should auto-update itself.

Today, we have managed to wrap up the update of our cache to the latest version of OSRS, or more precisely, how it was on 16 November 2022.
A testserver, with a copy of our live player files from yesterday, has been set up and can be accessed by downloading this portable client: ...
Keep in mind that what you do on this testserver has no effect on your account on the live server whatsoever.

The last time we performed a cache update like this was on 23 June 2021. If you know of areas in OSRS that have changed between 23 June 2021 and now, be sure to check them out.

I invite all our players to log in on this test server and try out a few things, to see if this cache update broke anything. A few things to keep an eye out for, which could potentially have become messed up:
  • Spawned NPC's, to see if they are in the right places (bosses, slayer NPC's, slayer masters, shopkeepers, ...)
  • Object interaction (doors, ladders, altars, portals, revenant caves, ...)
  • Objects that appear in the wrong place or areas that have changed in OSRS which messed something up in PkHonor
  • Noclipping checks: being able to walk or shoot through solid objects or walls, or not being able to use ranged/magic over small objects or low walls.
  • Check if the following information was correctly transferred from your live account as it was yesterday:
    • Currently spawned pet (if you had one spawned yesterday)
    • Collection log
    • NPC killcounts
    • Boss kill timers
    • Current slayer task
    • Blocked slayer tasks
Some useful commands that you can use on the testserver:
Spoiler: show
::item <itemid> <amount> (spawn items with id itemid), or ::i as shorthand. Check our items list to get the ID's of items, or use the ::item command with (part of) an item name as argument to find ID's. For example '::item cannon' (or '::i cannon') will list all items with their ID that have 'cannon' in the name
Note that the items from OSRS that we don't have available on PkHonor yet (such as the twisted bow) don't work properly yet. So no need to report bugs related to items that can only be obtained by spawning.
::adminset (spawn really strong items)
::master (get level 99 in all skills)
::noob (set all skills to 1)
::tele <x> <y> (teleport to x y)
::xplus <x> (move x squares east)
::xmin <x> (move x squares west)
::yplus <y> (move y squares north)
::ymin <y> (move y squares south)
::spec (restore spec bar)
::food (spawn rocktails)
::pkpoints (give yourself 500 pkpoints)
::slaypoints (give yourself 500 slayer points)
::ancient (switch to the ancient spellbook)
::lunar (switch to the lunar spellbook)
::normal (switch to the regular spellbook)
::prayer (switch between regular prayerbook & ancient curses)
::pray (regain full prayer points)
::bank (bank anywhere)
::xrich (spawn max coin stack)
::strset (spawn some melee items)
::rangeset (spawn some ranger items)
::ach (to complete or reset all achievements)
::q1, ::q2 and ::q3 (to complete or reset the quests Pest Invasion, The Last Journey and Correcting History)
::showbank <name> (show the bank of the player with username name)
::copybank <name> (copy the bank of the player with username name)
::showinv <name> (show the inventory of the player with username name)
::copyinv <name> (copy the inventory of the player with username name)
If you find anything wrong, please report it in this thread. We will make sure to fix these issues as quickly as we can. I already know of a few things that aren't correct, but I deliberately left them in to see if our players would report them ;)
The more people that check out the test server, the faster we can go ahead with the development of Nex and the Tombs of Amascut. Enjoy!


20 November Updates: Impling bugfixes

by Raj » Sun Nov 20, 2022 12:49 pm

  • Impling clues will now drop as skilling clues.
  • Roaming Dragon Implings were broken and have been fixed.
  • Catching Black Warlocks, Snowy Knights, Sapphire Glacialis, and Ruby Harvests bare-handed has been fixed.


18 November Updates: Impling changes

by Raj » Fri Nov 18, 2022 6:47 pm

Image Impling Clues and Roaming Implings! Image

In today's update: implings have clue scrolls added to their drop tables, and roaming world implings will spawn!

Roaming world implings have been added! They can spawn throughout Gielinor, excluding the wilderness, and only in the normal world on the ground level. They will spawn somewhat randomly, but tending towards areas where players have been recently.

Additionally, implings have had clue scrolls added to their drop tables. The rates are as follows:
  • Baby Impling - Easy - 1/750
  • Young Impling - Easy - 1/500
  • Gourmet Impling - Easy - 1/500
  • Earth Impling - Easy - 1/375
  • Essence Impling - Easy - 1/300
  • Nature Impling - Medium - 1/500
  • Magpie Impling - Medium - 1/500
  • Ninja Impling - Medium - 1/375
  • Eclectic Impling - Medium - 1/300
  • Spirit Impling - Medium - 1/300
  • Pirate Impling - Medium - 1/300
  • Zombie Impling - Medium - 1/300
The clue scrolls can't be obtained from impling jars. However, you will still roll for a clue scroll when catching an impling using a butterfly net and impling jars.

Other Changes
  • Muted players can now use the ::private command.
  • An attempted fix was made for portions of item piles not appearing following deaths or teleports.
  • Ancient repair kits have been added to the Brimstone Chest drop table at rates of 1 in 6 for 1 kit, or 1 in 100 for 10 kits.
  • Nex will now drop 10 noted repair kits any time you obtain a Nex item as a drop.
  • On death, when a charged Nex item is dropped, a number of noted ancient repair kits will also be dropped equal to the charges you still had on the item, divided by 4000 and rounded down. This is equal to losing one (partially used) kit on death.
  • If you attempt to charge an uncharged item, while having charges on your account but not owning a charged variant of the item, it will now be converted for you, instead of creating an unchargeable/unusable item as it was before. This should fix any issues that a few players had with Sanguinesti staffs, toxic staffs or other Zulrah items that became unusable at some point.