Talk to Santa's wife near the Falador fountain
2021-12-23 00:00 UTC (33d 9h)


+20% drops, double pet drops, free entrance
2022-01-14 08:00 UTC (3d)


+20% drops, double pet drops
2022-01-19 04:00 UTC (1h)
2022-01-19 12:00 UTC (1h)
2022-01-19 20:00 UTC (1h)

Dagannoth Kings

+20% drops, double pet drops
2022-01-21 08:00 UTC (3d)

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2022-01-22 03:00 UTC (3h)
2022-01-22 11:00 UTC (3h)
2022-01-22 19:00 UTC (3h)

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Chambers of Xeric bughunter contest

by Mike » Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:38 pm

Update 3 January 2022: please download the latest CoX test client again here (or the new portable version) for some of the bugfixes. This client does not auto-update.

Update 5 January 2022: please download the latest CoX test client again here (or the new portable version) for some of the bugfixes. This client DOES auto-update.

Update 13 January 2022: due to new bugs still being reported close to the deadline, we have decided to extend the bughunter contest with another 6 days, until 20 January.

The Chambers of Xeric minigame is finally ready to be tested! To this end, we are organising a bughunter contest where you can win a whopping 20,000 donator credits just by finding and reporting bugs!

To participate in the contest, simply download our test client (or the portable version) and play the Chambers of Xeric on our dedicated CoX test server. If you find any bugs (that are otherwise not bugs on the live server), please report it as a reply on this topic. Make sure to include your game username in one of your bug reports so I know where to add the credits at the end of the contest.

Bugs outside the Chambers of Xeric also count toward points, as long as they are not yet present in the live server and are not yet known by the developers. Please note that there are no accounts on this test server, so any account you log into will not have any stats or items. Maxing out your stats is easy enough with ::master and you can spawn any item with ::i. There are no playtime restrictions. You can copy the bank of the player named "Bank" with ::copybank bank, I will try to keep the account online as much as possible (if the account "Bank" is offline, you can log into it with the password "bank").

Some useful commands on the testserver:
Spoiler: show
::item <itemid> <amount> (spawn items with id itemid), or ::i as shorthand. Check our items list to get the ID's of items, or use the ::item command with (part of) an item name as argument to find ID's. For example '::item cannon' (or '::i cannon') will list all items with their ID that have 'cannon' in the name
Note that the items from OSRS that we don't have available on PkHonor yet (such as the twisted bow) don't work properly yet. So no need to report bugs related to items that can only be obtained by spawning.
::adminset (spawn really strong items)
::master (get level 99 in all skills)
::noob (set all skills to 1)
::tele <x> <y> (teleport to x y)
::xplus <x> (move x squares east)
::xmin <x> (move x squares west)
::yplus <y> (move y squares north)
::ymin <y> (move y squares south)
::spec (restore spec bar)
::food (spawn rocktails)
::pkpoints (give yourself 500 pkpoints)
::slaypoints (give yourself 500 slayer points)
::ancient (switch to the ancient spellbook)
::lunar (switch to the lunar spellbook)
::normal (switch to the regular spellbook)
::prayer (switch between regular prayerbook & ancient curses)
::pray (regain full prayer points)
::bank (bank anywhere)
::xrich (spawn max coin stack)
::strset (spawn some melee items)
::rangeset (spawn some ranger items)
::ach (to complete or reset all achievements)
::q1, ::q2 and ::q3 (to complete or reset the quests Pest Invasion, The Last Journey and Correcting History)
::showbank <name> (show the bank of the player with username name)
::copybank <name> (copy the bank of the player with username name)
::showinv <name> (show the inventory of the player with username name)
::copyinv <name> (copy the inventory of the player with username name)
The contest will be ongoing until 20 January 2021.

Bughunter contest ends in:

Bughunter contest rules & guidelines
  • Whenever you encounter an in-game bug, make a post about it as a reply to this thread. Please try to be as specific as possible so we can reproduce the bug.
  • Make sure you include your in-game username in one of your bug reports, so I know where to add the credits (if you never state your in-game name in any reports, you will not receive your reward).
  • The first person to report a bug gets the points for it.
  • Known bugs or bugs that are also present in the live production server do not result in any points.
  • Double posting in this thread is allowed. If you edit a post, all bugs in that post will be treated as if being reported at the time of editing.
  • When two or more people work together to find a bug , they all get the full amount of points for it. Please give credit where due.
  • Developers are excluded from the contest, as they have intimate knowledge of the code.
  • You get points based on the severity of a bug:
    - 1 point for minor bugs, visual glitches & unintended pvm safespots.
    - 2 points for relatively minor bugs, things that don't work or don't work the same way as in OSRS, wrong ID's (for example an NPC having the wrong ID or being spawned in the wrong place) etc.
    - 3 points for general bugs.
    - 4 points for major bugs.
    - 5 points for game-breaking bugs.
    - 10 points for dupes or massive exploits.
The rewards are as follows:
Spoiler: show
#1 - 20,000 credits
#2 - 15,000 credits
#3 - 10,000 credits

#4 - 5,000 credits
#5 - 4,500 credits
#6 - 4,000 credits
#7 - 3,500 credits
#8 - 3,000 credits
#9 - 2,500 credits
#10 - 2,000 credits
Happy hunting!

Current bughunter ranking:
#1 @Mvpranger - IGN: Mvpranger - 138 points
#2 @Empty - IGN: Empty pot - 115 points
#3 @Iron adam - IGN: Iron adam - 28 points

#4 @Snapzhot - (Unknown IGN) - 22 points
#5 @The underdog - (Unknown IGN) - 17 points
#6 @Eye of ra - (Unknown IGN) - 10 points
#7 @Andrea love - IGN: Andrea loves - 4 points
#8 @Silliekill - (Unknown IGN) - 3 points
#8 @Joeyrocks130 - Joeyrocks130 - 3 points
#10 @Ur free asf - (Unknown IGN) - 2 points

#11 @Theearlygamer - (Unknown IGN) - 2 points
#12 @Optiklukas - (Unknown IGN) - 1 point

Developers Blog

Rigour and Augury scrolls

by Mike » Thu Dec 30, 2021 6:40 pm

We've been thinking about the Rigour and Augury prayers, but we haven't been able to make a proper final decision so far. Therefore, I'm counting on our loyal and helpful community to help figure out what to do.

In OSRS, Rigour and Augury are unlocked through scrolls that are rare end rewards from the Chambers of Xeric (albeit more common than any other rare CoX reward). On PkHonor, these scrolls can already be obtained as drops from the Kalphite Queen and Chaos Elemental.

There are four possible choices that we have come up with so far:
  • Add the Rigour and Augury scrolls as rare Chambers of Xeric rewards (just like in OSRS).
  • Add the Rigour and Augury scrolls as uncommon Chambers of Xeric rewards, without taking away from the rare CoX rewards (effectively increasing the chance to receive any other rare item, such as the Twisted bow).
  • Don't add the Rigour or Augury scrolls as Chambers of Xeric rewards (effectively increasing the chance to receive any other rare item, such as the Twisted bow).
  • Add Rigour+ and Augury+ scrolls, which upgrade your Rigour and Augury prayers to increase your Ranged and Magic attack with another 1% or 2%. Players can only use these if they have already unlocked the "regular" Rigour and Augury prayers, keeping the existing scrolls relevant while having the scrolls from CoX as interesting additional items. The only reason I'm not too sure about this approach, is that this does not exist in OSRS and creates further inconsistencies.
What is your preferred choice? Please let us know!

Developers Blog

Chaotic weapon rebalancing

by Mike » Wed Dec 29, 2021 8:27 pm

Time for yet another unpopular poll: rebalancing (read: nerfing) our Chaotic weapons. More specifically: the Chaotic crossbow, rapier and maul.

The Armadyl crossbow in February 2016, the Ghrazi rapier in November 2019 and now the Elder maul with the upcoming Chambers of Xeric, all of them are outclassed by the chaotic equipment that has been a part of the server since at least 2013 - the Chaotic crossbow is stronger than the Armadyl crossbow (although the ACB triggers bolt specials more often) and the Chaotic rapier and Chaotic maul outperform the Ghrazi rapier and Elder maul in every single way.

We have always been reluctant to nerf existing items because we didn't want to anger or disappoint those players who worked hard to get these items. It's also hard to know what the best course of action is. Being an OSRS server with some pre-eoc RS3 content presents us with some tough decisions to make.

I would like to extend my thanks to the numerous players who have participated in these discussions, and after a lot of weighing of all possible choices I believe we are ready (and way overdue) to make a final decision about these items. The basic idea is that each top tier weapon should have a proper use and there isn't simply one that is the best in every situation.

Please note that this poll is only meant to get an idea of how the community feels about these changes. It is still up to us to make the final decision, even if it is the unpopular choice, but we definitely want to take into account the community's feedback. Any input or suggestions about minor stat changes are always welcome.

The proposed changes are as follows:

Image Chaotic crossbow:
Ranged attack: +120
→ Ranged attack: +105

Image Armadyl crossbow for comparison:
Ranged attack: +100
1/6 chance to trigger enchanted bolt effects (versus 1/8 chance for other weapons) and a special attack that guarantees an enchanted bolt special effect and offers +100% accuracy against players (+20% accuracy against NPC's).

This change still makes the Chaotic crossbow stronger than any other crossbow, but the Armadyl crossbow offers a higher chance to trigger enchanted bolt effects and has a special attack.

Image Chaotic rapier:
Stab attack: +94
→ Stab attack: +86
Strength: +101
→ Strength: +93

Image Ghrazi rapier for comparison:
Stab attack: +94
Strength: +89

With this change, the Chaotic rapier still has the highest max hit but a slightly lower accuracy than the Ghrazi rapier, making it more suited against enemies with a low defence, while the Ghrazi rapier becomes better suited against enemies with a high defence.

Image Chaotic maul:
Crush attack: +167
→ Crush attack: +123
Strength: +155 (unchanged)

Image Elder maul for comparison:
Crush attack: +135
Strength: +147

With this change, the Chaotic maul still has the highest max hit but a slightly lower accuracy than the Elder maul, making it more suited against enemies with a low defence, while the Elder maul becomes better suited against enemies with a high defence. It also presents an interesting choice in PvP situations: a lower chance to hit more damage, or a higher chance to hit less damage?

Alternatively, but perhaps less ideally, the Chaotic crossbow, rapier and maul could become degradeable versions of the Armadyl crossbow / Ghrazi rapier / Elder maul, where we give them the exact same stats (and effects, if any) but they degrade over time. I''m personally not really in favor of this, as I do believe that having each top tier equipment being suited for one specific situation is the preferred way to go.

At present I see little reason to change the Chaotic staff or longsword, as the Kodai wand already has a higher magic attack (+28) than the Chaotic staff (+18) while both giving a +15% magic damage bonus. The Vesta's longsword is only very slightly weaker than the Chaotic longsword but compensates by having a strong special attack. I know, we may want to consider rebalancing the Statius and Vesta weapons as well, but let's leave those for another poll for now.

Please let us know what you think and if we should make any (minor) adjustments to the proposed changes.


23 December Updates: Christmas event

by Mike » Thu Dec 23, 2021 10:22 pm

Santa's wife needs your help! Santa has been handing out gifts in Falador, but has gone missing. Can you find him for her?


A big thank you to @Empty for providing the story for the event, which will last for:

Also shoutout to @Thoby for providing methods in the server code to much more easily write event-related dialogues. It has been a huge time-saver for me, allowing us to quickly add in this event without having to take too much development time away from the Chambers of Xeric.


Happy birthday to our newest trial developer

by Mike » Mon Dec 20, 2021 11:36 pm

By now, it has been over a month since our newest trial developer has started working on PkHonor. Initially, we were planning to make his identity public once the Chambers of Xeric test server goes live, but considering the amount of progress he made in such a short amount of time, the fact that there are already rumours going around about him and, well, because it's his birthday, we thought: what the heck, why not?

Therefore, I proudly announce that @Nazuths has officially been promoted to the rank of trial developer. This means he has access to most of our code and is actively working to bring new features to PkHonor under our supervision.

With some help from Thoby and myself, he has already managed to implement three rooms in the Chambers of Xeric: the Guardians, Vasa Nistirio and the Skeletal mystics. While I am working to finish the Muttadiles room, he has already added most of the Great Olm mechanics.

But he has done far more than that, and this is something very personal for me. I started working on the Chambers of Xeric with a lot of motivation and ambition nearly two years ago, but over time this project turned into an absolute hellhole for me. This became gradually worse over time, as progress was far slower than I could have ever anticipated. I don't have a decent account on OSRS (let alone one that can play CoX) and it is only by spending countless hours reading on the OSRS wiki and watching YouTube videos that I manage to (sort of) figure out all the mechanics. At times, it took me several weeks just to add a single room because of how complex it turned out to be, because of how long it took me to figure everything out and to properly implement it in the end. Sometimes, there was no progress at all because I needed a break from it (and those breaks became longer and longer as my motivation kept waning off).
To make a long story short, it is solely thanks to Nazuths' work on this project that I have found my long lost motivation to finally finish what I had started. For this alone, I am incredibly grateful to him. And I'm sure of a lot of players as well, for it is they who want to play those raids so damn badly.

Last but not least, he also found a way to obtain the ID's of graphical effects and projectiles in OSRS through the use of RuneLite (and unlike me, he has an account he can use to play CoX in OSRS). It used to cost me several hours to find each ID to manually, by going over all the possible graphical effects one by one to find the right one (no, seriously). Now it is only a matter of minutes to hop onto OSRS, play the minigame and see the graphical ID's (and animations) in RuneLite. For both CoX and any future projects, this is a very handy and time-saving tool for us to have.

We are looking forward to release his work very shortly, once the two last rooms are done. Both rooms are mostly finished, only a few mechanics and bugfixes remain. After that, we are hoping he will continue to add more amazing features to PkHonor and work his way toward becoming a fully fledged developer, without the "trial" in his title.

I understand there may be some concern over the fact that he is both a moderator and a trial developer, but rest assured that we will make sure one duty does not interfere with the other and there will be no conflict of interest.