Chance to get full set, extra loot, +20% drops in risky
2021-06-11 08:00 UTC (3d)

Bandos GWD

+20% droprates, no killcount requirement
2021-06-15 04:00 UTC (1h)
2021-06-15 12:00 UTC (1h)
2021-06-15 20:00 UTC (1h)


+20% drops, double pet drops
2021-06-18 08:00 UTC (3d)

Castle Wars

Double tickets and hybrid armour charges
2021-06-19 04:00 UTC (3h)
2021-06-19 12:00 UTC (3h)
2021-06-19 20:00 UTC (3h)


+50% points and +20% droprates
2021-06-23 04:00 UTC (1h)
2021-06-23 12:00 UTC (1h)
2021-06-23 20:00 UTC (1h)

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9 June 2021: More pathfinding improvements

by Mike » Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:43 pm

Thanks to the input of @Bert and @Nazuths (in this bug report), I managed to fix a couple of other pathing bugs, mostly related to ranged and magic attacks:
  • You will no longer walk up to an enemy in certain situations, especially when clicking to walk, eat, drink or switch equipment very quickly after you clicked to attack an enemy.
  • When using ranged or magic, you will no longer get stuck when there is an obstacle or the corner of a wall in the way. There were a few situations where the game thinks you can see an enemy and make you stop moving, but then there was another piece of code that thinks you can't actually see them and not let you attack the enemy. These two different mechanics (following and attacking) now use the same code to determine if you can see an enemy, which should prevent this bug from happening again.
  • When you click to attack an enemy and eat food, drink a potion or switch equipment, you will now run to the enemy's last known location if you were not yet in attack range when you were eating, drinking or switching. This may seem like a bit of a strange pathing quirk, but it's how it works in OSRS, and as far as pathing and combat mechanics go, we normally try to mimic the OSRS mechanics as much as possible. If you folks disagree and think that you should not run to their last known location in this situation, please let us know and we'll change it.
Two bugs with the rune pouch have also been fixed:
  • You will no longer receive a duplicate rune pouch when suiciding.
  • A bug has been fixed where runes would be incorrectly displayed on your rune pouch after you died with a rune pouch in PvP and obtained a new pouch.


7 June Updates: bugfixes

by Mike » Mon Jun 07, 2021 4:45 pm

  • The Barrows brothers are now counted in your Kill Count log.
  • Drops from Risky Barrows have been added to the collection log.
  • A bug has been fixed that caused glacytes to spawn outside the Glacor area or inside a wall.
  • Several items have been added to the STASH unit that could be used for emote clues.
  • A treasure trail step in the Ardougne monastery has been fixed as it could not be completed.
  • Your character will no longer step onto your butler each time you click it.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented you from gaining attack XP from a dragonkin lamp.


6 June Updates: STASH unit, pathing improvements

by Thoby » Sun Jun 06, 2021 9:36 pm

STASHer's Unit

Welcome everyone to today's update! It has been a little while since you have heard from me, but today I am bringing a fair share of new and exciting content. In this update we would like to further improve the UIM experience, explore existing content and add a bunch of QoL additions. As always, grab a snack and see what today's update brings!

New / Updated Items
Lets start with some new or updated items that are included in today's update:

Image Armadyl's Grapple
The Armadyl's Grapple is a new custom items that is dropped from the Saradomin GWD boss.
It is a magical grapple that allows players to cross the gap in the Armadyl godwars dungeon, while having it in their bank.
This makes it so you can save an additional inventory spot when venturing into Armadyl's lair.

Image Mirror shield
A mirror shield is now required to defend yourself from the Basilisk Knights.
It can be purchased from any Slayer store for 800 Slayer points, requiring 20 defence and 25 slayer to wear.

Image V's shield
Alternatively, you can also use V's shield to defend yourself from the Basilisk Knights.
It has higher melee bonuses than a mirror shield, but negative ranged and magic bonuses.
It can be purchased from any Slayer store for 800 Slayer points, requiring 20 defence and 60 slayer to wear.

Image Ancient Effigies
Ancient Effigies have gotten several improvements.
First and foremost, the experience gained from the Effigies has been doubled for all skills except Construction.
This makes it more worthwhile to use on other skills than before.
Additionally, handing in any skilling pet at the Pet trader now rewards players with an effigy.
Finally, the skill-selector interface was updated to include the Hunter and Construction skills.

ImageImage Smoke Battlestaff
The Smoke Battlestaff is a new reward that can be received from the chest at the Thermonuclear Smoke Devils. When worn, it provides infinite Air and Fire runes.
It can be further upgraded to a Mystic smoke staff for 250 PkHonor Points by using the right-click option in the inventory.

New pets
We hope you like them! Read all about the newly added pets below.

STASHer's Unit
A new NPC can be found just northeast of Varrock square, the STASHer! The STASHer is very good in stashing away some of your clue items and will gladly help you store some of your darned treasure trail items to save bank or looting bag space.
Talk to him to unlock your STASHer's Unit for a small fee of 400 PkHonor points!


Remember those pesky clue steps where you have to talk to a specific NPC and bring some specific item?
Well, you're in luck! The STASHer is also very popular around PkHonor, so he might be able to tell the Wise old man and the Estate agent about all the items you have stored in his unit. This prevents you from having to retrieve the items from the STASHer altogether! He will only do this for a one-time fee, of course...


Additional updates to clue scrolls:
  • A 'Guide' right-click option has been added to all clue scrolls, opening the guide located on the Wiki.
  • Obtaining a new clue scroll step will now show a dialogue in the chat box, making it more obvious that players received a new step.
  • New clue steps have been added! We would like to extend the available steps some more, so your suggestions are welcomed.
  • Clue scrolls are now no longer lost when a player suicides, this will help Ultimate ironmen to clear their inventory before delving into the Wilderness without losing their clue scroll in the process.

Pathing improvements

We had noticed a few odd lines of code in the pathing code and fixed those, which should hopefully fix some of the issues that our players had been experiencing since the last pathfinding update from 23 April. Please let us know if there is still anything off!

However, we recognize that some of their mechanics can be quirky at times.
We tried to improve the general experience with the implementation of the Tome of fire, but this didn't really solve any of the underlying issues.
As such, we decided to briefly revisit the Glacor mechanics and solve the main problem: the Enduring Glacyte.

Before today's update, the Enduring Glacyte lowered all incoming damage by 70%, resulting a very slow and tedious kills.
We changed this in today's update! The Enduring Glacyte damage reduction now depends on how close it is to the Glacor that summoned it.
The farther away it is from the Glacor, the more damage you will be doing.
Players should lure the Enduring Glacytes away from the Glacor to finish these off faster.

We also solved the issue where Glacytes would get stuck in surrounding objects. This should no longer happen.

To celebrate these latest changes, we added a new unique drop to the Glacors to spice up their droptable.
Proudly introducing: The Baby Glacyte! The Baby Glacyte is an ultra-rare drop from the Glacors and can be morphed into four different looks, representing the Glacor and the three Glacytes.
This was a requested addition and we absolutely adored how the little guys looked, so hopefully this new pet will make your Glacor trips even more worthwhile.


Barrows is one of the longest existing minigames on PkHonor. The minigame is an absolute classic, and we want to celebrate its existence by further expanding on the rewards. Introducing; Barrows pets!


The little buggers will be available from the Barrows chest with a 1/150 chance, and will also be dropped by the brothers in Risky barrows.


Collection log & Kill count book
A lot of players enjoy the statistical nature of the 'Collection log' and the 'Kill count book'.
We introduced both of these as their own items, locked behind the Mahogany bookcase build in your player-owned-house.
However, we recognize that there is no need to make this data so inaccessible, so there now is a 'Collection log' & 'Kill count book' button available in the quest tab, which directly opens the two corresponding interfaces!


The 'Counting on it' slayer perk, which made the 'Log' option on slayer items open up the Kill count book, has been replaced by the 'Courageous soldier' perk.
The 'Courageous soldier' slayer perk costs the same amount of Slayer points, and ignores the combat level of the player requesting a slayer task- thus making it possible for pures to get any Slayer task (if they have the correct Slayer level, of course).

Ultimate Ironmen Experience
With the removal of the Refund box, Ultimate Ironmen are in a tough spot. I think many will agree that the game mode hasn't gotten the attention it should have.
We want to fix this, and would like to focus on the overall UIM experience. The STASHer's Unit could be seen as the first step in the right direction.
The implementation of the STASHer's Unit also came with a shiny new framework for item containers, which can be reused to introduce new item containers in the near future!

Aside from players (including UIM) being able to retain clue scrolls on suicide, UIM players now also have the abilty to box and unbox items at the Item Set Exchange Clerk. This will hopefully help save some much needed inventory/looting bag space.

We would like to reach out to our dedicated UIM community and hear about their feedback and personal experience.
What additions you would like to see in the future? What could be improved upon to make UIM more enjoyable?
Feel free to discuss your ideas on the forums, and I'll gladly join the discussion!

Keyboard QoL
Some QoL changes have been made to make certain actions more accessible:
  • Using the ALT-key on your keyboard now makes it so the left-click option of inventory items will be set to 'Use'. This will be helpful to players training Prayer or Herblore.
  • Using the SHIFT-key inside the bank interface now makes it so the left-click option of your bank items is set to 'Withdraw All', and your inventory items is set to 'Store All'.
  • Using the SHIFT-key inside the trade interface now makes it so the left-click option of your offered items is set to 'Remove All', and the inventory items is set to 'Offer All'.
  • Using the SHIFT-key inside the price checker now makes it so the left-click option of your offered items is set to 'Remove All', and the inventory items is set to 'Add All'.

OpenGL sneak peek
As some of you might have seen in our Discord, we have been working on implementing OpenGL.
Implementing OpenGL will make it so PkHonor can run on the GPU (your graphics card), adding a range of new possibilities to how we render and design the game and generally increasing the performance.
It provides increased viewing distance, higher FPS and the ability to add filters (like bloom, anti-aliasing and more).

Adding OpenGL is a complex challenge, and I am glad to say that we managed to implement it for the biggest part already.
Currently it is still not entirely stable and has several known issues, but we are working hard to perfect it.


Quality of Life
  • The Magic defence in PvP has been lowered to 70%. This has been a desired suggestion from the PvP-community since there is an obvious imbalance between the Magic accuracy compared to the other combat styles (in which the defence has already been lowered to 70% a while ago). We would appreciate any feedback on this change and we are prepared to further rebalance this if need be.
  • Discord messages regarding rare loot, killcount or a HCIM who died will now only happen when you have your private chat on.
  • Broadcast messages regarding achieving 2B XP, magic stone drops, buying a completionist cape etc. will now only be shown when you have your private chat on, or will only be shown to your friends if you have your private chat to friends. Keep in mind that messages issued through ::yell or ::love will be visible to anyone.
  • Items dropped on the floor, magic chests, magic cape racks, demonic thrones and mounted capes of legends will now count toward your ::wealth.
  • Long bones can now be noted at any bank booth.
  • The Onyx drop from the Theatre of Blood is now replaced by its uncut variant.
  • An additional prompt is now shown when trying to reset your slayer task while having an existing Slayer streak. This will help prevent accidental resets that happen due to misclicks.
  • The Ruby bolt special attack against Verzik Vitur has been raised to 50 damage.
  • Extra Dark Beast spawns have been added to the Catacombs of Kourend.
  • Xarpus' base hitpoints have been altered. It did not scale correctly with the team size, thus being different from its OSRS mechanics. This will help balance the Raid boss in smaller teams.
  • You can now access a version of the Ranged store in which you are able to buy the noted variants of its stock. We might try to improve the items sold in the shop at a later point - suggestions are welcome!
  • There now is an indicator of the wealth offered in the staking interface. This will help prevent players from getting scammed, and can also help newer players get to know the prices of items.
  • The Royal seed pod, received from the Gnome Stronghold, now has a new additional benefit: Having the pod in your inventory eliminates the need for Air and Law runes to teleport out of combat. This will add a new interesting use for a rather expensive teleport item.
  • The WildyWyrm clue scroll now has a new look, to clearly differentiate it from regular clue scrolls.
  • It is now possible to claim any tier of Shayzien equipment from Captain Babacus, located at the Lizardman Canyon.
  • Obtaining a Sinhaza Shroud from the Mysterious Stranger at the Theatre of Blood will now trigger any of the previously unlocked shrouds in your Collection log, thus being able to fill your Theatre of Blood collection log if you hadn't previously claimed each shroud.
  • A message has been added when opening the junk store, indicating that selling items on the Grand Exchange will yield significantly more coins.
  • A deposit box has been added to the Blurite rocks.
  • Self-inflicted damage (like Overloads, Explosive potions, etc) now no longer degrades your equipment.
  • The Unfinished potion maker now has different prices for the different unfinished potions. Before, every potion would cost exactly 250,000 coins. The prices are now changed to reflect the profit, usefulness and experience that can be obtained from each herb (ranging from 50,000 to 250,000 coins).
  • The Weapon poison, received from the Theatre of Blood chest, has now been replaced by Weapon poison++.
  • Shown text above duplicate ground items that are on the same tile are now collapsed into a single line. This will make it easier for players to spot what items are on the ground.
  • Boss pet drops will now show up as a Discord announcement message.
  • When the Elysian spirit shield effect triggers, an animation will now show up to indicate its effect.
  • The 'Bracelet of slaughter' and the 'Expeditious bracelet' have been updated, and now show a chat message every time they activate.
  • You can now toggle between the modern and OSRS looks for several items, such as whips, spirit shields and the dragon pickaxe. This can be toggled using the setting in the ::settings panel. We currently provide a single toggle, but we can split them up into categories if players desire this.
  • All the different Herblore potions have been added to the skill guide, which can be opened by clicking on the Herblore skill icon. Hopefully this will help new players to find out which potions are available in PkHonor.
  • Several other skill guides have been improved to show more information.
  • There now is a toggleable ::setting that will change the colors of higher-valued ground items. This makes it easier to spot the valuable items in item piles, like when killing a boss or defeating an opponent in the Wilderness.
  • You now receive a message when teleporting to Barrows, reminding players of the Risky Barrows minigame and how to access it.

Bug fixes
  • Revenant ether can now be put into your looting bag.
  • A bug has been fixed that sometimes caused two WildyWyrms to be in the same location at the same time.
  • The kill count shown on the embedded Discord announcements will now be shown correctly.
  • The Overload overlay icon now shows correctly when the effect is removed (because of the Nex effect, for example).
  • The Stonemason located at the Crafting guild is now no longer attackable (sorry guys).
  • You can now use the right-click 'Friends' option on the player-owned-house portal at Varrock.
  • A bug has been fixed where the Amulet of Aggression messed up the Pestilent Bloat's pathing.
  • Honors now are no longer able to use the Mole claw on the Giant mole.
  • The text of the Shadow blitz spell in the spellbook has been corrected.
  • Issues with Vorkath not counting towards your slayer streak have been fixed.
  • The interface in the Skotizo area has been fixed, these were messed up since the Theatre of Blood update.
  • Vitur's slayer helm now has the correct operate-options inside the equipment tab.
  • The issues with having the bank opened in a fullscreen client have been fixed.
  • The 200M Smithing cape perk has been fixed, and now rewards the correct amount of Smithing experience.


Happy Birthday PkHonor!

by Rapsey » Sat May 01, 2021 11:57 pm

As some of you may know PkHonor first went online sometime in May of 2008. The exact date has been lost to history, so traditionally we consider the entire month of May as our birthday month. This year we're blowing out 13 candles. Pretty crazy! If PkHonor was our child it'd probably be visiting websites in incognito mode by now. :lol:

To celebrate the fifth month of this year we've decided to hold five double XP events for all skills, one for every Sunday of the month!

Event schedule:
Spoiler: show
Event 1 from Sunday 2021-05-02 08:00 UTC to Monday 2021-05-03 08:00 UTC
Starts in:
Ends in:

Event 2 from Sunday 2021-05-09 08:00 UTC to Monday 2021-05-10 08:00 UTC
Starts in:
Ends in:

Event 3 from Sunday 2021-05-16 08:00 UTC to Monday 2021-05-17 08:00 UTC
Starts in:
Ends in:

Event 4 from Sunday 2021-05-23 08:00 UTC to Monday 2021-05-24 08:00 UTC
Starts in:
Ends in:

Event 5 from Sunday 2021-05-30 08:00 UTC to Monday 2021-05-31 08:00 UTC
Starts in:
Ends in:
Thank you for helping to keep PkHonor alive for so long. Enjoy!


23 April Updates: Pathfinding improvements

by Mike » Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:26 pm

I'm glad to announce a number of pathfinding improvements to issues that have been an annoyance to our players for years. A huge thank you goes out to @Iron adam, @The Underdog, @Brant, @Crimson king and all the others who provided me with the input I needed to know what the issues were and how to reproduce them.
  • A bug has been fixed that would make your character stop following an enemy if you click to attack it twice or more in a row.
  • When an NPC is walking away from you (for example Jal-Nibs at the Inferno and Nylocas in the Theatre of Blood) and you're trying to attack it, your character will now properly run up to them, instead of walking slowly and not being able to catch up until they stop moving.
  • When a pet, a butler or another player is following you and you run around the corner of a wall, they will no longer get stuck behind the wall.
  • If you're attacking another player with melee and they are running away along a diagonal line, you will now keep attacking them properly.
Not all pathfinding-related issues may be fixed just yet, but it should definitely be another major step in the right direction. If we have missed any pathfinding bugs, if new bugs are introduced because of these changes or if some changes did not result in the expected behaviour, please let us know.

One of the improvements (properly running up to an NPC that is walking away from you) required us to change the order in which attacking and movement are processed. Normally, this should not result in any issues, but if you notice any adverse combat-related side effects because of this change, please let us know as soon as possible.

In other news:
  • Autocast spells will now be remembered when logging out and back in. This was already the case when autocasting spells with a staff.
  • When stunned by a dragon spear special attack, you now also have a 1 tick (0.6 seconds) immunity against being stunned again and a 5 tick (3 seconds) immunity against freeze, bind, snare and entangle spells after the stun expires. This immunity is the same as in OSRS and was decided by a 2/3rd majority vote in this poll. Any other immunity, for example against teleblock, has not (yet) been implemented as there is no 2/3rd majority to support this change.
  • You no longer need a free inventory slot when you pick up items in the wilderness while having an open looting bag in your inventory.
  • Vet'ion now drops uncut onyx (this was listed in the collection log but did not yet exist in its drop table because of a wrong ID).
  • Fixed a bug where you could not morph a Lucky TzRek-Zuk into a Lucky Jal-Nib-Rek.
  • The evergreen in Varrock has been chopped down and turned into firewood to help reduce our energy bill. A new evergreen will be planted in Varrock shortly before Christmas 2021.
Last but not least, after several months of little to no progress, the Vespula room has finally been fully implemented! I can with some confidence say that Vespula may not only be the most hated Chambers of Xeric boss in OSRS, but also the most hated boss to properly implement in PkHonor. On to the next room: Vanguards!