The end of mass DC's, double XP weekend, hween event!

Within the last hour, we have had 3 incidents of the server freezing up, causing all currently in-game accounts to stay logged in, but preventing anyone from logging in until we forcibly restart the server. Players who lost items or duels on the exact time of the freeze will need to post a ::refund to get their items back - please be as specific as possible and use the given format in the sticky to reclaim your lost items. Please accept our apologies for the trouble!

However, a few minutes ago, a good samaritan came forward to explain to us how he accidentally crashed the server all by himself once he realized he was the cause of it. Now that I'm able to easily and reliably reproduce the freezing up of the server, I have started working on a fix, which will be deployed shortly. What the exact cause was, will be revealed once the update has been deployed - we don't want people with ill intentions to abuse this information.
All indications point toward this kind of mass DC being of the exact same nature as one that happened once several months ago and another time last year. There was one other mass DC during the first hour of our Armadyl GWD event several weeks ago, but that was due to an unrelated bug in the event code which got patched within the hour. Such coding mishaps can happen but are extremely rare, and during that particular issue I have learned about something new to avoid in database-related code.

I really hope - but am honestly quite convinced - that the fix I'm about to deploy will once and for all put an end to mass DC's in PkHonor for good. In the 8 years since I have started working on the piece of trash code that was our server, never has it been truly free of mass DC's. But we always managed to make them occur less and less often. In the past year, we have had about 6 total (of which 3 in the same hour). 1 was caused by event code which we fixed right away, now the cause of the other 5 has been found and a fix underway. Good times!

To compensate for the mass DC's and to celebrate both the end of mass DC's and the 8 year mark since I first started working on PkHonor - 1 November 2009 - we're hitting our community up with a Double XP weekend starting in:

and ending in:

Ironman Mode players can participate in this. However, do note that within the next week, we'll be lowering a few XP rates that have become a whole lot easier to train because of the presets.

After that, on 31 October, we'll be releasing our Halloween event! Starting in:

(ending date yet to be determined)

12 October updates - black chins, Preset and Honor changes

As of now, after you click the 'Save' button on a preset slot and enter a name for your preset, you will be prompted with the following dialog:

Simply put, for each preset you can now toggle the closing of your bank interface on load and choose whether it saves your current spellbook, prayer book and quick prayers/curses. If your preset affects equipment, the options to save your spellbook, prayer book and quick prayers will be enabled by default.

However, saving your current prayer book only works for players who have endless curses unlocked. If you do not have them unlocked, the option will not be available and the interface might look like this instead:

Black Chinchompas have been added to the wilderness! You can find these lovely creatures around level 32 wilderness, South-East of the Lava Maze near the KBD cave; South-West of Lava Dragon Isle. Catching them requires box traps and a hunter level of 73, each successful catch grants 15,000 hunter XP - the highest XP of all hunter creatures. You can also set up two more box traps than usual when hunting them. Unlike all other hunter areas, there is no direct teleport to them, but they are located close to the KBD cave and very close to a wilderness obelisk.
They are similar to Red Chinchompas, used as ranged weapons that hit in a 3x3 area, but require level 65 ranged to equip and offer +80 ranged attack bonus and +30 ranged strength (vs +70 ranged attack bonus and +15 ranged strength for red ones). Black Chinchompas can also hit up to 10 targets, as opposed to 9 targets with the other two types.
Also related: the 'Attack' option of all the Chinchompa hunter NPC's has been removed, since it has no use

Changes for Honor players

  • No longer incur any penalty to their stats, but any boosted combat stats (through potions) will be reset whenever their enter PvM combat, except when fighting max hit dummies
  • Now have their own world (on height 8) reserved specifically for them. They can teleport there through the command ::height 8 or by clicking the Morph world teleport in their spellbook and then choosing 'Honor world'. Other players cannot access this height
  • Can now teleport around inside the wilderness in the Honor world
  • Can no longer enter the regular wilderness. Instead, when crossing the ditch or using any of the teleport levers in the normal world, they are teleported to their own world
  • Can now use the ::tele command to teleport to another height by using `::tele x y height`, for example ::tele 2830 5300 2, which teleports you into the Armadyl GWD room. The height parameter is optional
  • Can now transform into any NPC from our NPC list (with `::pnpc id` or `::p id`) and spawn any NPC as familiar (with `::familiar id`) while inside the Honor world or their own Player-Owned House, which other players can visit. That's right - you can now be TzTok-Jad and have Graardor as your b*tch! Or the other way around. However you like it. It's your world!

We're always open to more suggestions for Honor accounts to make them more enjoyable, while further reducing their impact on the gameplay of other players (mostly through bug abuse or other annoyances). Also, I'd like to request our players to stop posting suggestions on my news threads - I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please make your posts in the appropriate forums. We really are keeping an eye on them these days; no need to hijack my news posts *wink*

Other improvements and bugfixes
  • Fixed the attack speed of all Chinchompas, which is now 2.4 seconds (4 game ticks) instead of 3.6 seconds (6 ticks). Keep in mind that Medium Fuse lowers this with another 0.6 seconds (1 tick)
  • Black Salamanders in the wilderness now grant 12,000 hunter XP when caught instead of 7,500 XP
  • Our client's auto-updater has received a few improvements to fix a rare issue affecting some players whose client was unable to update itself
  • The Crystal Key now has 'Teleport' as left-click option, which will teleport you straight to the building in Taverley where the accompanying chest can be found
  • Fixed not receiving rewards from clue caskets or the TSD (burnt) chest while having a full inventory
  • Added a rewards interface when opening the Crystal Chest, similar to the one used for Clue Caskets and the Barrows Chest
  • All Uncut Dragonstones received from the Crystal Chest are now noted
  • Fixed the missing Ancient Altar in the Nex room in the Morph world
  • You now have the option to Make 1/5/10/X/All when creating Super Combat Potions
  • The 5 x 10 hits you incur while drinking an overload now happen much faster
  • You can now drop empty vials on the floor whenever a server update is imminent
  • Fixed stacks of unnoted Saradomin Brews as drops from a few NPC's (mostly Barrelchests), they are now noted stacks
  • Fixed the Whip of Shadows special attack being able to hit through the protective spells of Nex and her mages
  • Fixed the Chinchompa explosive graphical effect, which is now shown on hit instead of during the throwing animation
  • For donators, fixed the wrong amount of PkHonor Points being displayed when reverting from ancient curses to the regular prayerbook (if you haven't unlocked endless curses). The actual amount of points you get refunded remains unchanged
  • Players no longer get skulled if they attack an Admin+ inside the wilderness

You may also have noticed that our vote page has been slightly altered since yesterday. Considering the importance of our votes on RuneLocus (and the pain that is their ad-infested captcha), we've decided to put it above all others and make it give always 20 Vote Points to everyone who votes on it, regardless of donator/premium status or votes you did in previous days. You also have a chance at 500 Vote Points just like the three Tier I toplists.

Lastly, we are taking a short break from our week-long PvM events, instead we're hitting you up with a double farming & herblore XP weekend, starting in:

And ending in:

And yes, Ironman Mode players can participate in the double XP weekend.


Developers blog

A few additions to presets

So, with the addition of presets, some players have been requesting the option to save prayer book & spell book, while others would like the loading of a preset to close their bank interface. However, I wasn't sure how I could give these abilities to our players, until I came up today with the simple idea of adding an extra dialogue when saving a preset, as follows:

This dialogue appears after you enter the name for your preset. Simply put, for each preset you can toggle the closing of your ba...

Presets - 5 october!

So 2 days ago I announced that presets would be released today. However, I goofed and forgot to take my laptop with me today when I went home.

Smartphones are useful for forum posts like this one, but I can't exactly release updates with it. I'll pick my computer up again tomorrow and release the update shortly after midday (CEST timezone).

See you then!