Halloween event!

While Mike has been working his ass off on the new client update, the staff and I have been cooking up a Halloween event for you guys! Time to get trick-or-treating!

The event will start on Saturday 29th of October and will end on Sunday 20th of November. That's right! 3 weeks of trick-or-treating! The dentists will be back in business after this event!

Starts in:

Ends in:

The event constitutes out of 3 parts:

1) Halloween quest:
Everyone will be able to start the halloween quest. The quest is a temporary quest which is only available during the halloween event, so make sure to complete it in time! As a reward, you will earn some unique custom items!

2) Halloween random event:
For the final reward, players need to gather a certain amount of purple sweets + have the Halloween quest completed. One way to obtain these purple sweets is by succesfully completing the halloween random event! So make sure not to ignore the Grimreaper! He's in a twitchy mood this year!

3) Halloween titan events:
Starting on Monday 31st of october, the staff will be hosting a daily Halloween titan event for 7 days straight, ending on Sunday 6th of November with a big finale! Only players who have already completed the halloween quest will be able to participate int he final titan event, so don't linger around! Rewards and other information about these titan events will be posted in the events forums, so make sure to check the events section if you're interested in participating in a titan event!

More information about the halloween event will follow soon!

The new PkHonor is here! Find bugs & get rewards!

The time has come! After three months of work in progress, teasers and hype, everyone now gets the opportunity to check out the new client for themselves!

Of course, with this sort of massive undertakings, there's bound to be bugs. Probably lots of them, especially considering I haven't even tested most of the server yet. Therefore, we're organizing a bughunter contest! Pretty simple, all you have to do is play our testserver, find bugs and report them on this thread! The contest will last as ...

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While completing the work on some of our interfaces (like the GE), I had noticed a couple of minor bugs. For one, when the GE tells you "You have bought X items for Y coins", it actually shows how much you offered for the items, not how much you actually paid (if you offer 100M for a whip but someone was already selling one for 80M, you'll spend 80M but the GE will say you spent 100M). It's purely visual and has no effect on the use of the GE, but it's still a bug.
I had to make a change in th...

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Okay, it's time to confess that I haven't actually worked on the Pest Control improvements and Elite Void as I had promised.

:cry: I let you down. I should take my responsibility and resign. You don't deserve a failure like me.

But, on the bright side, I didn't work on PC because I had my head stuck too deep into reworking the new client to become the new PkHonor client. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but at least I've made some great progress already. I'm hoping you'll forgive me for som...