New (final?) testserver released! Play & get free credits!

Now that almost all bugs are fixed and the new pathing & following added, I've released a new testserver! You can download it here!

With this new testserver release, the first bughunter is officially over and the rewards have been handed out! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants for helping us ensure a smooth production release soon!

First bughunter contest winners:
7500 credits - Sverre (ruler) - 55
5000 credits - Floriduh - 36
4500 credits - Im on meth - 34
4250 credit...

Todays updates - 19 November 2016

Just a couple of bugfixes, nothing too major but needed to be done ;)

Meanwhile: only 7 of the bug reports left to fix, every single other reported bug (about 150 of them) have been fixed throughout the last 2 weeks. I've also made several more code changes and improvements to give the game a much better and smoother look and feel, as well as making sure the new pathing works 100% as it should be. I found a couple of (relatively minor) new bugs myself, but they should be fixed in no time.

We currently do not have an ETA set for the final release of the testserver on production, but it's definitely very soon - weeks at the most!

Within a couple of days (hopefully one week at the most), when the final bugs have been fixed and the new pathing (as well as a couple of smaller features) are fully completed, we will release a new testserver!
At the same time, the first bughunter contest will be over, we will hand out the rewards and start a second bughunter contest! The rewards will be lower but similar, but since it will be harder to find new bugs, you won't need to report many bugs for some nice $$ (as in credits, of course).

Once it looks like all bugs are fixed, all we need to do is work out the final version of our auto-updater and release everything!

If you feel like reading lots and lots of text, have fun with the bughunter report I have so far:

Spoiler: show
> bug that has been fixed
X bug that needs to be fixed yet
- not a bug or was already known

Improvements (not part of bug reports or things that were already on my to-do list before the contest)
> Interaction with NPC's has been fixed (this applied to any sort of interaction, such as shopping, talking, banking through a banker, fishing, ...). There were lots of bug reports about this, but since they all have the same cause, only one player got the reward
> Fixed all glitched equipment. Since almost all bug reports related to glitched equipment had the same cause, only one player got the reward
> Noclipping checks in Player-Owned Houses have been added (they do not yet apply for NPC's, but that's not much work and will be done when I finish the rest of the new pathing)
> The algorithm for determining which coins or tickets to take from your inventory (when spending money through a shop, the GE, ...) has been improved
> Modern & oldschool hitsplats have been added
> 10x damage setting has been added
> All wrong textures of walls, roofs, buildings, floors, ... have been fixed (most notable was the middle area of Castle Wars, but definitely other places we hadn't tried yet)
> Your client will now remember if you maximized your client in resizable mode
> The positioning of the client on the screen has been improved in resizable mode
> You can now adjust the brightness of your client
> Fixed a glitch where the account pin interface would get closed in some special cases (preventing you from doing anything until you relog)
> You can no longer close the character creation screen when you log in for the very first time
> Fixed a bug where your character would only show a head (and nothing else) if you don't complete your character creation the first time you log in
> When changing your appearance at the make-over mage, your current appearance will be shown instead of the 'default' (typical bald) male character. Same for when making a new account.
> Added fog (actually just a different background color rather than black), can be toggled through Display settings
> Slightly improved balloon popping in the Drop Party room: instead of instantly popping a balloon, you will now perform the 'stomp' animation, then after a random delay of 0.6s - 0.9s, you'll pop the balloon. This makes drop parties slightly more fair towards players with a high ping.
> You can now right-click the enchanted slayer gem and use 'Check' to see how many kills you have left on your task (does not give a dialog popup)
> Several small visual glitches have been fixed at the agility courses
> Revenants now properly drop morrigan's javelins and throwing axes instead of null's
> Revenant werewolf attack animation has been fixed
> Anvils are now left-clickable. The server will automatically determine what type of bar to smith, depending on the bars you have in your inventory
> The Edgeville furnace now works

Bughunter contest reports

Factorial (no points because no in-game name stated)
> Doesn't work on Linux (needs to be tested again)

> Glitched equipment
> 'Store X' in bank does not work (does examine instead)
> When withdrawing from Grand Exchange it is not able to give you up to the max stack (only max stack minus one)
- 10x damage does not work (known, was not yet implemented)

Im on meth
> Resizable mode doesn't show the full client (might only be a problem OS X? needs to be tested again)
> If you click on an NPC while talking to a different one, your guy will run 1 square towards the new NPC and stop (needs to be tested again)
> Toolbar isn't hidden in fullscreen on Mac
> Crowns in right-click when adding friends
> Cannot use the PoH portal to enter a friend's house
> Opening display options closes bank pin screen
> Picking up items off the ground doesn't remove them from the ground (visual, only applied to items with ID bigger than 32000)
> Changing modern tab area settings in Display options glitches your side panel when in fixed mode
> Logging on an account, logging off, and logging in on a new account causes friends list/ignore lists to merge for both accounts
> Cannot drop most items for other players (also applies to trading and staking)
> Doesn't say when a player logs in or out on your friends list.
> You're unable to walk 1 space (can't move to the 8 squares you touch). Can only move if the distance >= 2.
> You can see what players type when they're on your ignore list. It doesn't show up in the chat but still shows above their head.
> Doing an emote while ::afk causes your character to be stuck but you can sorta fake move around, moving anyone following you. If you do ::afk again then try to move, you teleport to where your fake character is.
- Modern healthbar option does not work (known, was not yet implemented)
- At the ancient altar, you can only switch your spellbook to normal/ancient every couple of seconds (intended behavior, also works like this in production, to prevent accidental loss of pkpoints)

Demonwrider (Derrick46546)
> Cannot close the client (when there's an exception) except through the task manager
> Vote store does not open

Slap a ho
> Cannot properly interact with any NPC's
> Brawling gloves cause invisibility
> Steadfast boots look glitched
> Cannot use tab to quick-reply PM
> Glitched marble staircase in dungeon
> Cannot remove NPC's from dungeon
> Glitched white tiles in the wilderness
> Cannot slash through webs in wild
- Killing a monster drops all loot (intended testserver behavior)
- Noclipping inside a PoH does not work (known, was not yet implemented)
- Dying in POH dungeon causes you to lose your items (intended behavior, also works like this in production. You only keep all items when PVP is enabled)
- Casting spells/attacking with ranged makes you walk all the way to the enemy (known, was not yet implemented)

> Steadfast boots look glitched
> Cannot use the 2nd or 3rd right-click option on items with an item > 40000
X Randoms don't follow you and give up when you move

> Cannot use gnome agility log balance
> Cannot use wildy agility area stepping stones or log balance
> When losing HP to Rogues, the HP bar always appears red. Monsters seem to be fine. Explosive potions and overloads are fine
> Duel arena settings do not show any check marks to alert players what has been selected (visual)
> Royal items are bugged
> Cannot alch most items
> You cannot interact with trees in farming patches when standing at the North or East side
> Varrock bank booths do not work
> Seers village bank booths do not work
> The body runecrafting altar does not work
> You can noclip at pest control
> The Minimap at Barrows is buggy
> If you leave a room too early during regular barrows and you do not get the kill count, you cannot re-search the sarcophagus by re-entering (needs to be tested again)
> If you have max cash in your inventory, when you attempt to withdraw coins from your bank the coins drop to the ground. The issue is instead of dropping the whole stack, it'll only put one coin on the ground.
> When you're on fullscreen and your tabs are minimized, you'll have the bank open with no inventory showing
- ::settings bugs your settings tab (new settings dialog is not yet fully implemented, the command will be removed soon)

- Brightness adjustment does not work (known, was not yet implemented)

Retsnom (Dead cats)
> 'Check steps' on any clue scroll (or WW scroll) makes you equip it
> The Grand Exchange is buggy when placing a buy offer or searching for items
> The Construction Expert is shown as 'No fingers'
> Withdrawing 'X' from refund box does examine instead
- You cannot light fires at a Player-Owned House or the skilling center (intended behavior), but you can use an inferno adze to light fires (also intended behavior). I might change this behavior, but it all works the same as on the production server, so either way no points are awarded.
- Mandrith, Nastroth and the Construction Expert chat heads show as Leprechaun (was already a known bug, as stated in my original post)
- Boots of Darkness go to weapons slot (known, they are not yet implemented, we don't know yet when we'll add this)
- Type of damage is not shown on hitsplats (known, was not yet implemented)
- No time limit between yells (intended testserver behavior)
- ::setlevel command works with hunter, construction, and summoning. Does requires 2147m (intended testserver behavior)
- Clue scrolls are not included in the 100% drop droptable (intended testserver behavior, their droprate is the same as on the production server)

Kuhana (Shadedice)
> Clan chat breaks when you relog after joining a CC (should be fixed - needs to be tested again)
> Revenant/arrow clue scroll does not show the arrow in fullscreen/resizable
> You cannot close the revenant/arrow clue scroll interface
> Frost dragons have glitchy movement in combat (caused by an incorrect size setting)
- Can not loot Kingly Impling jars, nor any other jars that contain imps or butterflies (could not reproduce, might need to be tested again)

The builder
> Run does not turn off when depleted. It remains active and as soon as you regain a single percent, you run for a second before stopping
> pressing 'esc' doesn't clear chat on new client. Closes windows like it does on current one, but doesn't clear chat.
- You can ::copy players in the wilderness or duel arena (known, not a bug since this can only be used by honors and admins, works the same as on production)

> Cannot use the Tab key to switch between username/password at the login screen
> There are no magic trees at Premium skill zone (fixed by moving the TD's to a new place - old place can't be fixed)
> Dungeon entrance at ::skilling does not work (no stairs in the room below)
> You cannot walk around in the Tormented Demons area
> Black Demons don't have their Animations set correctly
- If you turn on soul split using ancient curses, it actually does an animation which it shouldnt do (not a bug, it's the actual Soul Split animation from RS)
- Sound/chat/game options do not work (known, they were not yet implemented but the buttons have been be replaced anyway)
- Price checker interface does not work (known, price checker is not yet implemented, that's for a future update)
- You can leave ::private through the double doors (a feature rather than a bug, intended behavior)

Lunar (I am mexican)
> Cannot use 'Withdraw all-but-one' in bank
> Certain monsters at godwars cannot be attacked (could not reproduce, though there was a bug where throwing weapons didn't work against aviansies).

Pvm keagan (Pure 2k12)
> Whenever you go to buy items from Grand exchange, constantly get the messages "you can't trade that item through grand exchange" & "The price of that item must be higher than 1/10th of the guided price"
> if you have auto retaliate on when fighting a boss and try and run away you'll be stopped and forced to run back to the bosses location.

Underlord (Ohai)
> Pickpocketing from NPC's shows a glitchy animation
> @ lumby, if I sheer a sheep while spamming other sheep, I can sheer 3 before moving the spot I'm in.
> When trying to buy 1 lottery ticket without any money, it says you need 40m to buy it. If you choose the 5 for 40m option without, it says you need 8m. (they're backwards)
> @ the tent when you first make an account, if you leave, stand anywhere, and then click the skilling portal, you no clip through the tent.
> When I walk through this door and shut it, I can't open it again. If I click the other door I don't even walk towards it.
X Also the user G Smokey traded me while I was like this, and he was able to trade from an unusual distance. When trying to trade him I wasn't able to trade him anything I had in my inv, idk if trading works at all or not yet.
X If you're standing through walls the trade screen is usable, he was able to give me rocktails and claws, but I was unable to trade him a cannon, or a bronze pickaxe. We recreated this many times just as it's shown in the screenshot, with both doors closed.
X After further testing Gdawg97 and I found that as long as you are standing far apart each other, and neither of you are moving at the time the trade goes through, it works without any problems.
X Also if you send a trade request, and then you both tp to the same spot, the trade works after accepting it.
- ::master updates experience in the EXP counter but not experience on the stats tab (cannot be reproduced, does not seem to be a bug)

Sverre (ruler)
> If you were at ::chill on the production server, you float in the air on the testserver (needs to be tested)
> Pming in general is glitchy. Pming someone/::m someone sometimes shows up for the other and sometimes it doesn't (needs to be tested again)
> Party balloons walk through the table (and walls)
> When you wrongly put in your PIN it won't log you out but you will remain logged in and you can try again.
> There is an altar at ::private you can walk through
> Doesn't show status (premium etc) if you pm someone.
> If you already had a slayer task on production, it's now bugged
> Stepping stones at werewolf agility don't work (stepping stones in general so also in castle wars don't work)
> you can unequip mouth grip if you use the zipline at werewolf agility. You will get the item in your inventory and it will look like you run down the zipline
> The agility option at godwars teleport doesn't work. I suppose that is the route to go to the top to the statue for Last Journey. Can't get there now.
> In godwars you can't go northeast so you can't get to the bridge to go to zamorak and you noclip through other objects
> "Angry" emote doesn't change when wearing a powdered wig
> Says I don't have stairs in my dungeon in poh (but I do)
> Donator zone shows a black square on minimap (couldn't fix, but points awarded)
- If you are in a clan nothing happens when you click on help. (not a bug, this is our 'dual cc' feature - you are actually in the help cc and your own cc at the same time - use '\' for help cc chat - needs to be tested again tho)
- There is no stick at werewolf agility course (caused by stepping stones not working, did spawn once stones were fixed)
- Using a rotten tomato on the knights at ::party will spawn you with 'nothing happens' (not a bug, it also works like this on the production server - to throw them, you just need to use the 'talk-to' function with the knights)
- You can't put most items in the party chest (the cause was most items being untradeable, was reported before)
- You can't pop balloon animals (known - you could actually pop them, but it was very hard to catch them, due to the pathing that was not yet fully implemented)
- Edgeville teleport is called pvp teleport (intended behavior)
- There are no revenants in the wildy (not a bug, revenants are there but spawn randomly)
- you always get teleported to the same height in ::private (also works like this in production, not a bug - the height depends on your pid but you will always go to a height where there's nobody else)
- can't change how you see your friend chat (known bug, not yet implemented)
- When you attack and get attacked it doesn't show in which style (known, not yet implemented)

Jelle (Houwuh)
- Transformed players can enter the wildy (known bug, due to a part of pathing that was not yet fully implemented)

Sverre (ruler) & Houwuh
> All objects on the first floor in a POH are misplaced (will require a new database copy on the testserver to fix)
> If you use the ladder in borks cave you end up in donator zone. Couldn't check if the same happens for normal players because you can't talk to any NPCs to remove donator/premium because interface immediately closes.
> Can't build any new room/remove rooms in poh.
X If you click for an example the stairs in castle wars and someone places a barricade in front of the stairs before you arrive there but after you clicked on the stairs, you will walk through the barricade and go down the stairs.
> I searched for Burnt Manta Ray in grand exchange and then I couldn't search for anything else and it would say '.........rch......' (picture 1) Relogging or using another account doesn't fix it. When I tried to teleport to Houwuh it gave me this message and the client crashed (second pic). Asked Houwuh to do the same. Looking at buy offers will crash your client.
X Seems like salamanders don't work properly. Used black salamander+harralander tar in pernix and I hit 14 as max hit
- you can enter cw with honor, go on another height and just walk in (known, due to some of pathing not being fully implemented yet)
- Glitchy ::height? (could not find anything glitchy with it, may need to be looked into further)
- You don't get tickets for action in castle wars (opening door first time, killing people). Randomly got a ticket when I destroyed a barricade. Getting tickets is off. (probably not a bug)
- Salamander attack emote shows like melee (known bug)

X Home tabs turned into varrock tabs, yet they take you to edge still.
> Cant cast crumble undead on the max hit dummies (might also be on production, granted points anyway)
> In between home and west varrock bank, there is something that looks like a wall that says "Search Evergreen." (wrong model)
> Can walk through obstacles at gwd.
> Teleporting at a gwd altar, brings you back to the door, but inside the chamber.
> Cant get to the zamorak bridge in gwd. Wont let me walk there.
X The rock going down to the saradomin encampment is not the right thing. It is a pile of rubble and weapons.
> My graador pet was blocking attacks from all bosses
- All monsters bigger than 1x1 wont stay still when you are attacking them. You walk under them to attack, and they in turn back up until they are against a wall (known bug, due to pathing that wasn't fully implemented yet)
- Blowpipe and other zulrah items don't work as intended (known, has not yet been implemented)
- The "peek" options on the gwd doors do nothing atm (known, has not yet been implemented)

> The game says 3 air runes per teletab, but I made 10 teletabs and it only use 3 air runes.
> The time remaining icon in pest control is broken. The number is going down, but the 500 is on top of it so you cannot see the time you have left

Horor donkey
> cannot climb up a rope at KQ
> Destroying ancient book will drop it on the ground (actually also works like this on the production server, but I've fixed it & granted points anyway)
- When using rotten tomato on white knights "nothing interesting happens" will spam in chat (known, was never implemented that way, you need to use 'talk-to')
- Salve amulet e will save you if you die in wildy by WW or KBD (intended behavior, its only when you die in PvP that it won't save you)
- there are no rev dragons in KBD's lair (no bug, they spawn at random)

> Auto Retaliate pathing is a little buggy when you're being attacked by multiple enemies. Your character almost gets pulled around (sometimes in random directions?) I noticed it most in boss rooms with multiple enemies (such as nex, and other GWD).

Tigerlithe & Gdawg97
> Morph world wilderness. It is possible to go to wilderness in morph world (actually also works like this on production, but changed & granted points anyway)

Pf13 (no points because no in-game name stated) & Gdawg97
> When morphed (as a death) and running it still does the walking animation, just faster.
> Minor bug but rather still report it, teled to Morph Realm at the ge area and the bankers disappeared.
> When dueling, you're unable to forfeit the duel.

Skullsnipe (no points because no in-game name stated)
> Teleporting to staff height or morph realm while in the corp caves just teleports you into oblivion

> If you cast a spell and use the minimap to move away, then you can continue casting a spell from anywhere that is in range (even from behind other objects)

Godfather44 (Godfather4)
- Whenever i copy a bank with a honor player, the whole bank is gone when i close and restart the client (could not reproduce, might need to be looked into again)
- Torva doesn't provide the intended health bonus when eating or healing with Tentacle of Souls (could not reproduce, they heal me up to 139, don't forget Nex set effects don't work in PvP in wild)
- Elegant Items are put in weapon slot and overlap with the items wielded (known, new OSRS elegant items are not yet implemented)

> the jungle impling area has a huge black area that cannot be walked on.
> most of the implings are stagnant
X Woodcutting level up shows a stick instead of the tree symbol in the chat box (actually it shows part of a tree, but the top is invisible)
> there is now a bank chest next to the booth in the crafting guild, and it is not accessible (was a known bug, bank hasn't been moved to the chest yet, but had forgotten about it)

No pity (no points because no in-game name stated)
> Ruby Bolt (e) specs causes player to disappear sometimes (a bug that actually applied to all special effects when shown for the first time)
- All Dagannoth Kings are agressive regardless of distance (doesn't seem like a bug to me)

Chlor (no points because no in-game name stated)
> Pets didn't get transferred
> When buying donator points from vote shop, is says you spent 0 vote points (visual bug)

Dragon mann
> One of the goblins at the bandos God Wars Dungeon camp doesn't get counted towards killcount when killed
> One of the goblins at the bandos God Wars Dungeon camp can't get attacked
- at risky barrows u dont need a cannon to start and there's no ahrim at (not a bug, someone had started a risky game before you and he killed ahrim, you do need a cannon to keep playing after they're all dead)

> Found a Money Duping Bug. If you have max cash in bank and have cash in inventory. When you withdraw max cash the pile you leave on the ground becomes an endless money pit. I could just run to get a 1b ticket then get more cash from the pile on the ground and do it over and over. I had fun getting a nice pile of 1b tickets.

X fix gates at PC
X staff: default to bash
X noclip for casting/ranged
X delay teleport to house/skilling zone
X interrupt teleport (through force move) when teleporting
X further improve roof-removal (werewolf agility course)
X let players know when they got a clue or 1M+ drop
X check if double randoms are possible
X ugh, unclickable throne room benches (test)
X can't build in oubliette, look further into construction
X can't use \ to talk in cc
X look into fixing CW spawns at the end of the game
X fix CW catapult interface on fullscreen/resize

Stuff for later:
- fix staff magic cast animation
- make sure you can't use objects through walls at a POH

Stuff for later if ever:
- add room building interface?
- elves their move emote is glitched when they shoot on the move
- improve stepping stones in cw (jump maybe?)
- fix CW big door walkable


Updated on 19 November 2016
> Frost Dragons in a Player-Owned House are now unaggressive. This will prevent them from PJ'ing players, as it were. The ones in the deep wilderness are still aggressive, of course.
> Fixed pizza making! You can now make meat pizza's, anchovy pizza's and pineapple pizza's! People who hate pineapple on pizza can suck it, because with 14 health per bite - and 2 bites - it's technically the highest-healing food in the game.
> Fixed a bug with the Sandwich lady which would give multiple sandwiches if you spamclick it
> Fixed a bug with the Death random event, where you would get teleported to the workshop while in an unrelated dialogue (such as the hunter teleport dialog)

Oh and next weekend event: Double pet droprates! Get your favorite boss pet today! I mean next weekend

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Developers blog

Client upgrade - bugfix progress thread

For the next couple of weeks, I won't be posting much on the news thread in regards to the bughunter contest. Instead, I'll be reporting on my bugfixing progress on this devblog thread instead, for a better overview. Bughunters can keep on reporting their bugs on the news thread - I'll make sure to include all of them on my to-do list.

The first thing for me to do however, was making sure the testserver was up to date with our current production server. Since the testserver uses the completely...

Client source upgrade - more than just a new look

While completing the work on some of our interfaces (like the GE), I had noticed a couple of minor bugs. For one, when the GE tells you "You have bought X items for Y coins", it actually shows how much you offered for the items, not how much you actually paid (if you offer 100M for a whip but someone was already selling one for 80M, you'll spend 80M but the GE will say you spent 100M). It's purely visual and has no effect on the use of the GE, but it's still a bug.
I had to make a change in th...