The new PkHonor is here! Find bugs & get rewards!

The time has come! After three months of work in progress, teasers and hype, everyone now gets the opportunity to check out the new client for themselves!

Of course, with this sort of massive undertakings, there's bound to be bugs. Probably lots of them, especially considering I haven't even tested most of the server yet. Therefore, we're organizing a bughunter contest! Pretty simple, all you have to do is play our testserver, find bugs and report them on this thread! The contest will last as ...

Testserver release 26 October 2016! Also, halloween event!

Hell yes.

For those who have been following my developer blog, you've no doubt noticed that the testserver is coming together really nicely. As we speak, I'm in the process of dumping the world map for server-sided noclipping checks, but once that's done, it's ready for release!

There are still a couple of things that need to be implemented (mostly some client-sided settings & features), as well as some bugs that need to be fixed, but those are all things that I'll be working on after the release.

Because of the massive size of the changes, we'll be organizing a bughunter contest in which everyone can participate! All you need to do is find bugs and report them, the 20 people who reported the most bugs will receive a number of Donator Credits in exchange!

How massive are we talking?
56,000 lines of server code added, removed or changed
4,800 lines of client code added or changed
280,000 lines of server configuration added or changed (most of it automatically generated)
39,000 lines of client configuration code added for our custom items, NPC's, objects and animations (partially generated)
62,000 lines of automatically generated database queries and 1,400 lines of manually written database queries (most of it by Rapsey) which will result in over 50,000,000 database records being updated after the change.

We've never even come close to this amount of changes in a single update.

I'll be making a new post tomorrow with the details of the update, as well as more information about the contest :)

Once the testserver is released, I'll be working on the Halloween event, which we're hoping to get released this Friday (Saturday at the very latest).

Oh yes, and this weekend's event is Revenants! 20% increased droprates, double slayer points and double PkHonor points on kills!

Starts in:

Ends in:

See you tomorrow!

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