Kalphite Queen - Community bossing event

Welcome back to another community bossing event, this week we’ll be hunting the Kalphite Queen. The Kalphite Queen can be found by going to your spellbook and selecting the monster teleport. Throughout this event, drop rates will be boosted by +20% with double the chance of receiving a pet.

If you’re unfamiliar with community events, or how they work, please refer to our Zamorak GWD event announcement posts here.

Starts in:

Ends in:

Community goal =
12 000 kills:

Personal goal =
8000 damage

- Rewards for completing the personal goal + community goal =

Spoiler: show
  • 3 Dragon Defenders
  • Rigour Scroll
  • Augury Scroll
  • 500 PkPoints
  • 380 Pest Control Points
  • Fighter Torso
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Avas Accumulator
  • Dharok Armour Set

During this bossing event, the community needs to obtain 12000 kills by the end of the event. Only when the community goal has been reached, everyone who has reached their personal goal of 8000 damage will receive their rewards. Ironman players also count towards the community goal and are eligible for the reward.

Top 10 competition for regular players.

The top 10 regular players who have done the most damage to the Kalphite Queen will earn an additional reward.

Spoiler: show
1) Master Casket + Berserker Ring (i) + Archers Ring (i) + KQ Head + 10000 Coal + Armadyl Crossbow + Chaotic Rapier + 10 Dragon Defenders + 5000 Pkpoints

2) Master Casket + Berserker Ring (i) + KQ Head + 7500 Coal + Chaotic Crossbow + Chaotic Rapier + Armadyl Chestplate + Bandos Tassets + 9 Dragon Defenders + 4500 Pkpoints

3) Master Casket + Archers Ring (i) + KQ Head + 5000 Coal + Chaotic Crossbow + Chaotic Longsword + Armadyl Chestplate + 8 Dragon Defenders + 4000 Pkpoints

4) Elite Casket + KQ Head + 5000 Coal + x5 Dagon'hai sets + Chaotic Crossbow + Chaotic Longsword + 7 Dragon Defenders + 3500 Pkpoints

5) Elite Casket + KQ Head + 4000 Coal + x3 Dagon'hai sets + x50 Dragon Boots + Chaotic Crossbow + 6 Dragon Defenders + 3000 Pkpoints

6) Elite Casket + KQ Head + 3000 Coal + x1 Dagon'hai set + 25x Dragon Boots + Chaotic Crossbow + 5 Dragon Defenders + 2500 Pkpoints

7) x3 Hard Caskets + x5 Karils Armour Sets + x5 Veracs armour set + 10x Dragon Boots + 4 Dragon Defenders + 2000 Pkpoints

8) x2 Hard Caskets + x3 Karils Armour Sets + x3 Veracs armour set + 5x Dragon Boots + 3 Dragon Defenders + 1500 Pkpoints

9) x2 Hard Caskets + Karils Armour Set + Veracs armour set + Dragon chainbody + Dragon fullhelm + 2 Dragon Defender + 1000 Pkpoints

10) Hard casket + 1,000 Gold ore + 1,000 Coal + Dragon Defender + 500 Pkpoints + Explosive Potion

A big thanks to Candy Bars for suggesting and making the rewards for this event!

11 August Updates - Vorkath, Game Timers, Drop Table

While we keep working on adding a perfect Theatre of Blood experience to PkHonor, I am glad to announce the release of Vorkath!


As you may have guessed, it works pretty much the same as in OSRS. Vorkath is an undead creature susceptible to the salve amulet and crumble undead, while also being considered a blue dragon for the purpose of a slayer task.
In terms of dying, it is very similar to Zulrah, as in you don't lose any items when you die but hardcore Ironman players will still lose their hardcore status if they die at Vorkath! We've added an appropriate message upon entering to warn the Hardcore players.
As you cannot lose your items, there is also no cost to reclaim them. However, there is a fee of 100,000 coins each time you enter. Donators can enter for free.

Its attacks are very similar to OSRS as well:
First it uses 6 standard attacks, which can be any of the following:

  • Melee if you're in melee range
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Dragonfire (regular, one that can envenom you and one that disables your prayers). This dragonfire hits harder than regular dragonfire and requires more tiers of protection, such as a super antifire potion combined with an anti-dragon shield.
  • A slow moving fire bomb that can instakill you if you don't move out of the way. Moving just one square away only halves the damage, so you need to move at least 2 squares to be safe.

Then it uses one of two special attacks, randomly chosen:
  • You are frozen and a Zombified Spawn is summoned, which can deal up to 60 damage if not killed in time. Crumble Undead will always instakill the spawn as long a you don't splash. Vorkath is immune to damage as long as the spawn is alive.
  • Several acid pools are spawned, which can hit up to 10 damage each game tick you stand on one of them. Vorkath is healed for any poison damage you take. Additionally, it will hurl 25 fireballs at you in very quick succession, which can only be dodged by walking away from where you're standing. During this time, Vorkath takes 50% reduced damage.

After that, it uses another 6 standard attacks. Lastly, it uses the special attack that it didn't use before, then the cycle repeats until Vorkath is killed.

The only real difference with OSRS is that the max hit of the fire bomb, rapid fireballs and the Zombified spawn are slightly lower than on OSRS. There is also no guarantee of receiving a Vorkath's head on the 50th kill - the drop rate is simply 2% (1/50).

Its most notable drops are as follows:
  • Superior dragon bones, which can be buried or offered at an altar, granting the same amount of prayer XP as frost dragon bones. They can also be ground up with a pestle and mortar to create crushed superior dragon bones. These crushed bones can be combined with an antifire potion to create a super antifire potion. You can further enhance this super antifire potion into an extended super antifire potion by adding lava scale shards.
  • Skeletal visage, which can be mounted on an anti-dragon shield (requiring 90 smithing) to create the Dragonfire ward. The Dragonfire ward is very similar to the Dragonfire shield, it can be charged with dragon breath - which increases its melee and ranged defence - and be operated to deal dragonfire damage to your opponent. The cooldown is shared with the DFS. The main difference with the DFS is that it has higher ranged stats and is therefore better suited for rangers than a DFS.
  • Vorkath's head, which has three uses:
    - Can be mounted in a Player-owned House after being stuffed, the mounted head can be used to fully charge a DFS or DFW in one go, just like mounted KBD heads
    - Can be used to purchase a turquoise slayer helmet at the slayer store, a purely cosmetic upgrade
    - Last but not least, can be combined with an Ava's accumulator to create Ava's assembler. This assembler grants better ranged bonuses along with +2 ranged strength. Ava's assembler can in turn be combined with a Max cape to create an Assembler max cape, a purely cosmetic upgrade of the Max cape with no extra stats
  • Dragonbone necklace, which restores 1 - 5 prayer points when burying bones (also applies to the bonecrusher). 1 prayer point for regular bones, 2 for big bones, 3 for babydragon bones, 4 for dragon bones and Dagannoth bones and 5 for superior dragon bones and frost dragon bones. Note that just like in OSRS, the effect only activates 9 seconds after you equip the necklace.
  • And of course, the Vorki pet, which can be upgraded to a Lucky Vorki by feeding it an Ex-Ex-Parrot.

When killed, two rolls are made on its drop table, so keep this in mind when checking out Vorkath's drop table as you need to double all of its drop rates, except for Vorki and the Skeletal visage.

But that's not all! This update also brings a much asked for Quality of Life improvement: game timers!

That's right, there is now a visual overlay in the top left corner of your screen that displays when the following will expire:
  • Antipoison potions and its variants
  • Anti-venom+ potions
  • Antifire potions and its variants
  • Overload potions
  • Entangle and freeze
  • Vengeance
  • Teleblock
  • Skull and red skull

These timers can be toggled on or off in your settings tab.
Feel free to request additional timers to be added to this list. If they are deemed useful and it's not too hard to add them, I'll be sure to do so. On that note, please check out this thread to let me know what kind of RuneLite features you guys would like to see in the game. Adding the actual RuneLite client doesn't seem feasible to me at this time, but adding some of its most important features shouldn't be too hard, at least.

A few other updates:
  • Long overdue, but better late than never: our drop tables now show the exact drop rates for each item, rather than a rough estimate
  • You no longer require a slayer staff to cast Crumble undead, but you still need one if you wish to autocast the spell.
  • Players can no longer purchase donator credits in the vote store.
  • Monsters with 255 hitpoints or more now have a much longer health bar.

Last of all, next weekend you'll receive double woodcutting and firemaking XP, starting in:

Ending in:


Developers blog

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Happy Saturday guys. We hope you all had a great two weeks!
I’ve personally been enjoying my summer vacation, which was wonderful.
Hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to once again join the other developers on the ToB work, but for now I’ll just be writing up a small blog on what we’ve been up to.

This time around it has been mostly progress on Raids II and points of discussion.
Some small changes on the side as well, one of them has even been integrated into the update on the 23rd....

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Happy wednesday guys! Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful two weeks since you last read one of these blogs, cause we sure did.
Again, thank you all very much for the feedback on last weeks development blog.
We really do appreciate any thoughts from the community, and hope to continue to receive your input.

This weeks development blog is going a bit more in depth than usual, seeing as we have mostly been working on some technical parts of the ToB and other new additions.

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