Todays updates - 12 March 2017

> Fixed NPC's not walking randomly around
> You can now use the trapdoor at the ruins just South of Edgeville to enter the Varrock sewers
> Revenants will no longer spawn in the wilderness section of the Varrock sewers
> Removed 2 bugged Revenant spawn points inside trees at the deep wilderness resource area
> You can now use defensive autocast with the Trident of the Seas
> Fixed the skull icon not being removed when drinking from the Fountain of Heroes (visual bug)
> Removed the wrongly spawned G...

Instanced wilderness bosses for Ironman!

Updated on 10 March 2017

> Instanced wilderness bosses for Ironman Mode players! Find one of 4 summoners across the wilderness (in levels 22, 28 and 37) and ask them to spawn you a boss nearby, free of charge (but only usable by Ironman Mode players)! Only you will be able to attack it, ensuring all loot is yours. A much overdue update for Ironman Mode players, delivered to you by our newest trial developer Vcom :)

This also means the personal (and safe) instanced King Black Dragon from before is now gone. Ironman Mode players who go down the KBD ladder now will end up in the regular KBD room just like everyone else.

> The junk store has been slightly reworked - players can still sell items to the junk store (which are bought for 50% of the low ::prices value - compared to 60% with high alch), but other players can now also buy those items from the store (for 120% of the high ::prices price). Items will not disappear over time, but when the junk store is full, the oldest item will get removed. The content of the junk store does get reset at server updates.
Also keep in mind, just like low and high alch, when selling items to the junk store, you'll be given an appropriate amount of 100M tickets if the value exceeds 2B.
> Fixed the bug that didn't allow you to wield the Korasi's sword near the end of the Pest Invasion quest
> Fixed the bug that sometimes caused you to end up in someone else's zombie minigame if you relog while playing your own. As of now, you should always be able to properly resume a zombie minigame after disconnecting
> Fixed the bug that randomly made the first-click option disappear on certain NPC's
> Fixed the bug that teleported you to Varrock when trying to open the coffin in the wilderness for the Correcting History quest

Also a couple of minor improvements and bugfixes for Titan accounts! Make sure you participate in our upcoming Titan event!!

Titan event starts in:

And of course our wilderness event! Extra PkHonor Points, Slayer Points, Bounty Hunter rewards, increased NPC drops in the wilderness, extra points from the WildyWyrm and bonus combat XP in the wilderness for another:

Developers blog

April forecast - sunny with a chance of bosses

Once again it's been some time since our last official announcement, so it's time to bring our community up to speed with the latest developments.

First off, the good news. Zulrah is progressing quite nicely - a project which turned out to be more work than anticipated, but not enough to dissuade Andres from bringing it to a proper conclusion (also shoutout to being very thorough in his work). With the helping hands of Donderstone2 and myself, it's all coming together.

The Avatars still need so...

Bughunter contest rewards handed out

After 2 months of going through bug reports, confirming them, testing them - and of course fixing most of them - I have finally managed to go through everything that has been reported up to 10 January, both in the in-game bug reports forum and on my devblog threads!

That being said, I've hereby concluded the bughunter contest and handed out the rewards to all the winners! I would like to thank all participants for their hard work and patience in the past months, but at last the promised reward...