Bossing Event - Bandos (General Graardor)


The first bossing guide we're releasing is a guide for General Graardor aka Bandos. The video guide will be launched on our YouTube channel this Friday (08/18/2017). Video guide below!

The event itself will start on the 21st of August and last an entire week.

Starts in:

Ends in:


Community goal = 20 000 kills.
Personal goal = 100 kills.
Reward = 400 PKP + 400 slayer points.

During this bossing event the community needs to reach 20 000 kills. Only when the community goal has been reached, everyone who has reached their personal goal of 100 kills will receive a reward. Iron Man players also count towards the community goal and are eligible for the reward.


The top 5 players who have killed Bandos the most will earn an additional reward. Iron Man players do not participate in the top 5 competition as their access to instances gives them an unfair advantage over regular players. We decided not to have a separate competition for Iron Man accounts so we don't force people to choose which competition to go for at the start of the event.

  1. Divine Spirit shield, Armadyl Godsword, Dragon Claws, 1B ticket
  2. Divine Spirit shield, Armadyl Godsword, 1B ticket
  3. Divine Spirit shield, Dragon Claws, 1B ticket
  4. Armadyl Godsword, 1B ticket
  5. Dragon Claws, 1B ticket

If you want to read a bit more on the whole series of bossing events, head over to this thread.


Series of bossing events + YouTube release!

Hey everyone!

In light of the release of our YouTube channel (2017-08-18), we're organising a series of bossing events! Prior to each bossing event, we'll also release a bossing guide on our YouTube channel.


During each bossing event we will set a community goal and a personal goal. The community goal is the main goal and the success or failure of the event hinges on its completion. The personal goal serves as a minimum participation threshold to be eligible for th...

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