24 September Updates

Updated on 24 September 2016
> The WildyWyrm spawn point at Frost Dragon has been removed.
> Some additional WW spawn points and clues have been added.
> A couple of items have been added to the crystal chest (see our drops page for more info - after the update)
> Glacors have been made unaggressive
> The "Smelt 10" option for smelting bars has been replaced with "Smelt All" and a "Make All" option has been added for smithing & jewelry crafting.
> You can now choose to block Frost Dragons as slayer...

Todays updates - 16 September 2016

Updated on 16 September 2016
> The KBD head mount in the Player-Owned House can now be used to instantly and fully recharge your DragonFire Shield (DFS must be equipped). You can do this once every 10 minutes and only inside your own POH.
> Frost Dragons have been added as a slayer task for both Elite Slayer Masters (wild and non-wild). We wanted to add these some time ago, but due to technical limitations, there was no way to determine whether someone had a portal to Frost Dragons in their POH...

Developers blog

Client source upgrade - more than just a new look

While completing the work on some of our interfaces (like the GE), I had noticed a couple of minor bugs. For one, when the GE tells you "You have bought X items for Y coins", it actually shows how much you offered for the items, not how much you actually paid (if you offer 100M for a whip but someone was already selling one for 80M, you'll spend 80M but the GE will say you spent 100M). It's purely visual and has no effect on the use of the GE, but it's still a bug.
I had to make a change in th...

Client source upgrade - progress thread

Okay, it's time to confess that I haven't actually worked on the Pest Control improvements and Elite Void as I had promised.

:cry: I let you down. I should take my responsibility and resign. You don't deserve a failure like me.

But, on the bright side, I didn't work on PC because I had my head stuck too deep into reworking the new client to become the new PkHonor client. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but at least I've made some great progress already. I'm hoping you'll forgive me for som...