Vote page & store updates

First off, I'm glad to announce that RSPS100 has now become a tier 1 toplist! They were a pretty new and small toplist a year ago, but by now they've grown to be about as big and often visited as the other big toplists, so we have decided to give higher rewards for voting on it. Enjoy!

Furthermore, for a long time we've been thinking about what possible items we could add to the vote store, but have come up short. We do have an idea to implement a system where players can gain some temporary b...

Update on bots and modified clients (+ savagery)

As most of you know we are always trying to improve our methods for catching bots. Until now we have been hindered in our ability to detect them because we allowed the use of modified clients. Unfortunately the only modified clients people actually use are also bot clients. In addition modified clients are a significant security risk as they can easily intercept your login details. This is why as of the 15th of July (00:00 UTC) the use of modified clients will be prohibited.

Don't worry, any s...

Developers blog

Client source upgrade - progress thread

Okay, it's time to confess that I haven't actually worked on the Pest Control improvements and Elite Void as I had promised.

:cry: I let you down. I should take my responsibility and resign. You don't deserve a failure like me.

But, on the bright side, I didn't work on PC because I had my head stuck too deep into reworking the new client to become the new PkHonor client. The road ahead is long and treacherous, but at least I've made some great progress already. I'm hoping you'll forgive me for som...

Where was Mike the past 10 days?

On vacation in Great Britain :)

But now I'm back and eager to get back to work!

What to expect the coming couple of weeks? Me nolifing PkHonor.
More specifically?
> First of all, further fine-tuning of the Pest Control game & release of Elite Void equipment. I kinda wanted to release this before I left on vacation, but I was afraid there may be bugs or imbalances in the new PC game, which I wouldn't be able to take care of in my absence, so I chose to postpone it until I got back. The final release...