Helper rank temporarily removed

The helper rank has been temporarily removed while it's being reworked.

We're planning to rework the rank as we feel the full potential of the helper rank wasn't being used. The goal we intended for the rank was making it clear for newer players who to approach with their questions. Instead the rank was regarded as a prestigious achievement that was only meant for the most helpful players. As a result our helper team had some great qualities, but stayed rather small. With a helper team remain...

Todays updates - 9 April 2016

Updated on 9 April 2016
> We've removed the Grand Exchange tax as a means of making the GE more user-friendly and easier to understand for newcomers. We're well aware that this means one less money sink, but the amount of coins in the economy isn't exactly a problem. We may re-add the tax later on if we believe it's necessary, but at least for now you get to enjoy one of the best Grand Exchange systems in RSPS without the annoyance of tax :)
> The Pkhonor and Help clan channels have been merged i...

Developers blog

Flu :(

So yeah, I've been bedridden with the flu (I think) for the past 3 days. I'm not able to do a whole lot of work, but I'd still like to make sure the Easter event is ready in time. I'm getting better, but still having a horrible headache and feeling very weak, I hope it'll pass by tomorrow.

Just giving you guys a heads up.

[Saturday update] Still barely any improvement, it's much worse than I thought and I need lots of rest. Easter event will have to wait until next week.

Past week

Just a heads up that my laptop had broken down a few days ago, I've had some IRL things on my mind the past week and there was a (small) side project that took up quite a bit of my time, so I haven't managed to release any new updates in the meantime (even though I had planned on doing so past week).

In any case, I've managed to work out a temporary solution until I purchase a new laptop and I hope the side project will be finished within 2 days so I can get back to releasing new updates at the same pace I used to in the past few months.

FYI, Nex weekend in:


Have fun!