Fire titan roaming the wilderness!

A Fire Titan has shared his plans and will be invading our wilderness this Saturday between 5pm and 7pm CEST!

Rumor has it he's out for revenge for the death of Themis, his beloved frost dragon which got killed last week.

Gear up everyone and protect R3v k1ller, he'll need it!

25 May updates

Updated on 25 May
> Castle Wars reworks:
- Contributing to a CW game (capturing a flag, dealing damage to - and killing - other players, damaging and destroying the main doors and unlocking the small door) now yields a lot more tickets throughout the game
- You now get more 'contribution' tickets if you capture a flag while your team is behind (and even more if your team is even more behind). If your team is ahead, you'll get fewer contribution points.
- The amount of tickets you get after a game has been slightly lowered
- Losing a CW game now results in 1/3rd of the tickets that the winners get, instead of 1/5th
- All freeze timers in Castle Wars have been halved. If you have a protection prayer against magic on (at the time you get hit), the timer will even be reduced to 1/3rd of the usual freezing time
> Fixed the noclipping glitch. The downside: if you spamclick somewhere while already walking/running, you'll tend to walk 1 - 2 steps back sometimes, we're still working on a fix on this age-old problem that has plagued us for the past 6 years. It's nothing too important, but it is rather annoying.
> Added some improvements for our staff team
> Added a few minor improvements for Titans - we'll be holding another event either later this week or sometime next week, we'll let you know the details as soon as we've decided on it.

This weekend's event is an Armadyl GWD event! No killcount requirement to enter, +20% droprates and double pet droprates - starts in:

Ends in:


Developers blog

Past week

Just a heads up that my laptop had broken down a few days ago, I've had some IRL things on my mind the past week and there was a (small) side project that took up quite a bit of my time, so I haven't managed to release any new updates in the meantime (even though I had planned on doing so past week).

In any case, I've managed to work out a temporary solution until I purchase a new laptop and I hope the side project will be finished within 2 days so I can get back to releasing new updates at the same pace I used to in the past few months.

FYI, Nex weekend in:


Have fun!

REQUEST: Dev Vlog Intro

Hey guys

Some of you might know that I did some kind of Vlog regarding Castle Wars about 2 years and a half ago (I think?) showing you the progress I made on it. Now, I'd like to do this more often actually, because I kind of enjoyed it. However, I totally suck at video editing and stuff, and was hoping some of you might be able to make a kind of intro to show at the beginning of every video so that I only have to worry about filming the actual content.

Feel free to send me any material/post it...